Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mommy tales....

  The Time My Little Rock made Coke shoot outta my nose
So we play the "name the movie" game ALL the time.  I seriously mean ALL the time.  We watch movies A LOT! We have all the movie channels thanks to My Rock and AT&T U-Verse! Holla!!! Best thing to ever happen to figure out which of the two I'm talking about. ;o)  So these last few weeks the kids have gone through quite a bit of movies using the free on demand feature. So some new quotes have been popping up here and there and making me realize I need to filter a little better what the girls are letting the boy watch.  But today there was a gem.  As I'm driving to Wally Mart I hear the following quote from the third row in the Nana Bus  
"You know exactly who this is. You came into my house, you touched my child, You think your crazy? I'll show you crazy. Just try me, beep" (yes beep!!) I couldn't help it....I cracked up.  What the heck was my son doing quoting that movie?  My innocent, loving little boy.  10 points if you can name the movie. :D 

The time I thought my heart would burst with pride.
Everyone calls B my mini me.  I don't see it...but I'll take it, it's a HUGE compliment to me.  When I look at the beautiful little girl my heart is so full of love and pride.  She is the most caring and loving little girl and I am so very lucky to be her Mommy.  Yes I know I'm biased...but you just have to know her to love her.  B has been wanting to cut her hair for quite some time, but has been putting it off.  She decided she wanted to wait until it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love.  It was finally time and we went to Rico's on 3rd (HOLLA!!!) and Ms. Raquel helped us donate 12 inches to a cause. 

Here is my B before

 and here she is after
 I couldn't be more proud of that little brat.  I swear just when I think she couldn't make me prouder she goes and pulls this out of her hat.  I cried.  I don't know if it was because I miss the hair, or because I'm so proud of her or because she no longer looks like a little girl. :(  She's my little lady.  

The time my heart hurt
In 2 short days I will be putting my babies on a plane headed halfway across the United States.  They will be gone for 17 days. 17 freakin' DAYS!!!  What am I going to do?? I've been acting all happy and excited.  But inside my heart hurts each time I think about being away from them. I can't let them know how sad I am because they will feel bad and not want to go.  They are going to visit my dear sister in Nebraska.  When you think about it, it really is pretty silly that my kids are headed there instead of the other way around.  Wouldn't you think that the kids from Nebraska would want to head to San Diego for the summer?  Silly kids.  Anywho, the deal started because my niece had this great once in a lifetime opportunity to intern for Disney.  She was moving to SoCal for 5 months and my sister was a mess over it.  I told her it was high time she got her arse back to the best coast anyways.  She didn't go for it.  So I said "Send me yours and I'll send you mine".  Well she took me seriously and now my kids are heading out.  
And my niece....well she ended up passing on the internship.  Why I outta..... 

The time I was up until 4:00 in the moring writing a blog 
that's right now and I'm not proof reading it.  Good night!  

p.s. The quote from my last post was from Dirty Dancing! HELLO!!!! When Neil comes looking for Penny.

Monday, June 7, 2010

"She's on a break...she needed a break!"

If you guess the movie correct I will add you to my list of people I owe gifts to when I finally hit the lotto. :D

I have missed my blog world! I know I've said I would get better at blogging regularly but I must say....I really needed this time away from the computer.  

I'm not going to announce "I'M BAAAACCCKKK" cause I'm really not.  I'm just stopping by for a visit.  To say hello and hope you haven't forgotten about me! I'll be back soon with a real post.  A Hump Day Happy perhaps?  I love those! 

and I love you all!!!!