Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Thankful

It's Thanksgiving!! I am cooking dinner for half of my family. We can't all be together this year...but those of us who can will eat enough to make up for those that can't make it. :D

I'm preparing a dinner for about 15 people. I'm making a 20 pound turkey, ham, stuffing from scratch and a whole lot of sides. Good times will be had.

So here is a small list of what I am Thankful for this year. I kept it to 10 cause I'm sure you all have meals to prepare and eat. :D

1. I am Thankful for my life. God has blessed me with another year to spend with my family. Another year to bring together the family we only get to see once a year. I am thankful that I still have a place setting at the table.

2. I am Thankful that I grew up a Daddy's girl. Thay each Thanksgiving I spent it with my Dad in the kitchen learning all his "secret recipes". Now that he is no longer with us...I can cook everything they same way he did and it's like he's still here with us and my kids get to know a little about the Grandpa they never met.

3. I am thankful for my Mother who is strong beyond words. Who taught me how to be a wife, a mom and a friend. My mother who leads by example in her life, love and faith. If I can be half the woman she is I'll be way ahead of the game.

4. I am thankful for my Children who inspire me to be a better person on the daily. Whose laughter and smiles wipe away a bad day. Who love to cuddle and who knock on the door constantly while I'm tryin' to do my bizness...reminding me that I'll never be alone. :D

5. I am thankful for My Rock. The love of my life, the man of my dreams, the father of my children. I am thankful that after 12 years we still love each other...more now than ever. I'm thankful that he has always been by my side through the good and the bad. I am thankful that he doesn't mind if I swoon over fictional characters cause he knows he's the only one who I put my ice cold feet on at night.

6. I am thankful for my family and friends. I couldn't ask for a better support group than my family and my friends who are family in every way but blood. I know with them I'll never cry alone or laugh alone. Someone is always there.

7. I am thankful for my home. I'm thankful God has allowed us to provide for our family. I'm thankful that I have doors to open in welcome to visitors. That my home is never quiet because it's filled with love and laughter of all those who pass through.

8. I am thankful for my blog friends and for Bangin' Hot Book Boys Club because of you I will have something to do next month when I am laid-off. I won't even have time to be sad that I am jobless because you all will keep me entertained. I just know it.

9. I am thankful for AT&T U-Verse for keeping my recordings safe. All 83 of them. Trust that I will get to them all in due time. Thank you U-verse for allowing me to watch my recordings in any room of the house. For allowing 4 recordings at once so no more blood is shed over whether we watch UFC or Grey's Anatomy. Yes My Rock was tired of bleeding.

10. I am thankful for Jacob's smokin' hot abs.

Lest you forget

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

I'm happy for many things today.

1. Today is my last day at work before a nice little 5 day break.

2. We'll be on the news again tomorrow morning. If you are in Daygo...tune in to watch...Fox 5, 7:40am. (or DVR it)

3. We leave to Tucson on Friday morning for the West Coast Championships. Think happy thoughts!
But mostly I am happy because of the hotness that is Jacob Black! I know he is 17. I know that is jailbait. I know and I can't stop lookin'. I must repeat to myself "His 17 will get me 20, his 17 will get me 20"

Yes, yes, I am Team Edward still. But I am not dead. Dang! Can't a girl just swoon? (and moan and lick her lips and dream of him looking at me like that?)

I mean look how sad he looks in the picture above. Don't you just wanna kiss him, lick him, hold him?

He is on a mish in this picture. And I wanna help him. Help him get outta those wet clothes. He could catch a cold for goodness sakes!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have a love for Book Boys?

Edward, Peeta, Pony Boy?? (Yeah I went pony boy...don't judge!) Well then....

Check it yo'!

Good times, bangin' hot boys, fun friends....who could ask for more?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

Today's will be a quick one (TWSS)
and a little boring (She said that too)
I am happy about LIFE. Really my life is Fantabulous! It's hard and everything isn't working out how I planned it. But I have a wonderful husband who adores me and who I adore. I have 3 beautiful babies...who remind me on the daily they aren't babies anymore. And I have THE BESTEST friends!
It's with those BESTEST Friends that I'll be watching New Moon with TOMORROW night!! WOOHOO!! Yes we is crazies and we are going at Midnight. I can't wait.
It's those same friends that I am about to head to Buca De Beppo with...hence the quick post.
Oh and it's one of those friends who bought me my very own Pocket Alice!!! HZizzle you freakin' rock so hard! Stay turned for adventures of Alice and Alice.
Told you I have the BESTEST Friends!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hunger Games - Movie?

Rumor has it that Suzanne Collins is working on a screenplay for The Hunger Games. I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I'm excited about the possibility. On the other I'm not sure it will live up to my crazy expectations.
First of all, in the book Peeta is Blond. In my mind Peeta is not. He has dark hair...and he is freakin' hot. I'm just sayin'. Yeah I've seen a bunch of sites where everyone is picking their "Peeta"...I just ain't feelin' it yo! If they cast a blond actor for Peeta I won't be able to picture anyone but him when I think of Peeta. :(
Second, the book is written for "young adults" (what the freak is a young adult anyway?"). However, if the movie is made for "young adults" there is no way they would be able to get the rating they need without taking out the crazy, bloody, spear in your stomach type scenes from the arena.
Third, Gale needs to be a hottie too...but not so hot that I'm waivering on my Team Peeta status. Cause yes Gale is a dark haired cutie that the girls in town all lurve...but I can't love him. I just can't. I'm Team Peeta. Do not try to sway me by casting a dark haired dream come true and giving him abs like Taylor Lautner's cause...wait no...please do. :D
Last, please don't turn this into another Twilight. Please don't. I can't handle the hype again. The freakin' screaming teenagers that didn't even read the dayum book.
What do you think?

Friday, November 13, 2009

I want to thank the academy...

I got my first blogger award(s). Yippee!!

I am following her lead and am combining the two. No biggie. We're just that good. Just sayin'

The rules for Kreativ Blogger are:
1. List 7 things about myself others might not know.
2. Award 7 people with the award.

The rules of the Honest Scrap Award are: Divulge 10 honest things about yourself. Then pass the award on to 7 bloggers who you believe will be 100% truthful!

1.) I really have written our my Oscar acceptance speech. I did it in high school, found it years later...laughed about it, then wrote it again. Gotta keep it updated just in case. Now all I need is to be discovered so I can put it to use. It's the perfect combo of funny and tear jerking.

2.) I have my lisp because I didn't have my 4 front teeth as a kid. My parents didn't want to send me to school looking silly so I had dentures. Seriously. I started kinder with a set of dentures cause that wasn't as silly as missing teeth. I love my parents!!

3.) I'm scared of the dark and I can't sleep alone. I scare myself. So if My Rock isn't home then I sleep with my babies in bed with me (and the light on). When I used to travel for work I would share a hotel room with my boss, you know to save the company $$. On the few occassions I had to travel alone. I slept with all the lights on...and the TV.

4.) I can't go #2 anywhere other than my own toilet in my own house. There is your TMI for the day.

5.) I like to make out a lot. The good thing is that it's always with My Rock. I'm scared that I'm gonna be a old lady all full of wrinkles making out with My Rock. Sounds gross when I put it that way. Actually I hope it happens. I hope I never get tired of making out with My Rock...even when we're old and toothless. hahaha! Seriously!

6.) I have the mind of a 16 year old boy. I can make the most innocent statement into something dirty. It's a great talent actually. Sometimes I share my pervertedness with others...sometimes I just giggle to myself.

7.) I hate running into people from high school. Unless they are those select few who I've kept up with through the years. Cause odds are I won't even remember you. As a matter of fact this past Sunday we had some people over after My Little Rock's football banquet. There was a mom who came over and apparently went to high school with me...she didn't mention it the whole time. Her husband mentioned it to my Rock. Awkward.

8.) I'm jealous of moms who get to stay home with their kids. I'm seriously bitter about it. My Rock has told me before that I don't have to work...but in reality I do. There is no way I would let him bust his arse so I can be home while the kids are off in school anyways. He already works too hard. Plus I love my car and getting pedicures and going out to eat...I'd have to give that all up and I'm too selfish.

9.) I have a secret list of what I would buy the people in my life if I won the lotto. Even people I barely know. I have at least a little something for everyone who has touched my life somehow. I'm not gonna buy everyone a car or anything but like surprise tickets to Disneyland or a new BBQ. Fun stuff.

10.) I collect recipes and I never make them. I wish I had time to try new stuff and I wish my family was willing to eat my experiments. But I don't have the time and they don't have the courage.

So there it is, all this nonsense about me, out there for the world to it's your turn!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

"The Humpty Dance here's your chance a do the hump!" It's hump day again! Woohoo!! Here are my happies for today:

Strawberry Body Butter from The Body ShopI freakin' love this stuff! Seriously love it. My weekend kid worked at the Body Shop for a while so I had her buy me a bunch with her discount. Now I'm almost out with no discount to buy more. UGH! Maybe I should make friends with someone who works there and I can buy her MAC make-up with my discount and she can buy me body butter with hers. Gosh I is smarts.

Avocado Milkshake Boba's from the Tea Zone It sounds disgusting...I know this! And it looks worse then the picture shows. It's totes green. But it is like joke. I went out at 8:00 after our little get together on Sunday to get me one. It's my new guilty pleasure.

Being able to say I told you soYes this is my B soaking wet on a crisp autumn afternoon. I walk along that little wall between the pool and the jacuzzi when I'm cleaning the top of the pool. She likes to do the same for no reason other than to just do it. I've told her countless times she needs to stop cause she is going to fall in. I was right. When I heard the splash from the kitchen I ran outside to see her scrambling to get out. Instead of getting her the towel she was begging for...I took lots of pictures. You know like a good mom. :D Now I look at this picture on my phone and get a good giggle when I need it.


p.s. 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS,8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS,8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS,8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Things I suck at.....

I've decided to list the things I suck at in order to motivate me to work harder on those. It probs won't work...but whatevs (way to think positive right?) ha! :D

1. Blogging - Just sayin'...I've posted like 2 blogs in the last month. I need to get my priorities straight.

2. Softball - I mean I couldn't even play on Friday cause I forgot my cleats. who does that? oh! errrr!

3. Being on time - I wait until the very last minute for EVERYTHING! I even gave birth 2 weeks after my due date. No joke.

4. Working out - yeah I start almost every other week. Swearing that "this is the week I stick with it". Yeah that week hasn't come yet

5. Finishing stuff- I have half done projects and half done lists and now half done posts.... I'm over this list. :D

p.s. I think I want bangs again....this isn't a great picture (another thing I suck at?) haha!

Should I or shouldn't I?

By the way...this picture was taken at 1 o'clock in the mornin'! On the party bus after dancing it up at the club....and maybe a drink or two or 7. :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

I can tell you what I'm not happy about today....3rd place. Yeah TURD. I know I have to stop being could be worse. We could have been the 4th place team that sat on the mat after awards crying their eyes out. I'm just a little upset that my girls sooooo did NOT do their best. Maybe it was just an off day...oh wells...on ward and up ward from here!

*Please note that I just got a text from my Rock that said "Baby I love you with all my heart body and soul" I'm swoooooning. Swooning ya'll!! I love him and his random text messages. He has made this Hump Day that much more happy! Now back to our regularly sceduled post....

On top of being the head cheer coach for our Jr. Pee Wee girls, I am also the cheer director for our association. So I oversee 4 cheer squads. Out of the 4 squads 3 of them placed in the top 3 of their divisions. Whoop whoop!! We are moving on to the West Coast Championships in Tucson, AZ. So we get another shot at that first place trophy.
That makes me happy this Hump Day. A trip to slow week. heehee! This picture also makes me happy:

It's a long standing tradition that each year at cheer comp the football players attend and present the girls with flowers after they perform. This year we had the biggest turn out of football players ever. Those boys were loud and proud...not to mention fighting over who gave the flower to what girl. I'm sooo not ready for that. :S

What's making you happy today?