Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey, It's Okay!

Hey, It's okay to join in on the fun and do it's a Hey, It's okay post! :)
Thanks to the WhisperingWriter for the idea!


To be completely unprepared for the crazy emotional week to come.  I have 1 high school graduation and 1 6th grade promotion to middle school. My girls are growing fast….I’m going to be a hot crying mess and I know it.

To let people guess at how I have an 18 year old daughter who is graduating from high school when I’m only 32.  Was I really 14 years old when she was born? Was I some wild child? Do I lie about my age? Did I marry a much older man? It’s kinda fun to see their little hamster wheel turning as they do the math. LOL!

To have left a whole long list of to-do’s for my husband this week.  He has the week off and I don’t.  We have a big party to host on Saturday…someone has to get it done.

That my “weekend” kid and I didn’t win the Mom and me contest.  But thank you to those of you who took a moment to click the link and vote.  I really appreciate it. I’m really just thankful for having that girl in my life.  She is everything I hoped to be and more. To think that she actually looks up to me? Amazing.

This might be my only post this week.  I’m crazy busy with LIFE this week.  I love to share it all with you…it may just take a little longer to get to you.

<3 Alice 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend round-up

This weekend I was beyond busy. I’m exhausted.

Friday night I raced home to get ready to attend the 6th grade ballroom dance. I did B’s hair and added some mascara and lip gloss. Then I fixed my hair and make-up in record time. When my little girl was all dolled up I couldn’t believe how grown she looked. I’m keeping an eye on this one for sure!!
The best part of the night was watching my husband dance with our baby girl. I got all choked up but I managed to hold back the tears. It still amazes me that our love made this beautiful little girl.

Saturday was Angelina’s Senior Prom. I did her hair and make-up and then did hair and make-up for her best friend Delilah. I did tight curls on Angelina then broke them up with hair wax. It took forever, but it lasted ALL night.  She looked amazing!!


I still can’t believe she is going to be graduating high school in 9 days. I tear up just thinking about it, I’m not sure how I’ll get through the actual graduation.

Sunday we spent the day at a pool party. I had to perform CPR on a two year old. I still can’t believe it. The boy is fine now, they released him from the hospital and all tests came back normal. You wouldn’t have thought that when they pulled him out of the water. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. If you aren’t already, please get certified in CPR. You never know when you will need it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey, It's Okay...

Hey, It's okay to join in on the fun and do it's a Hey, It's okay post! :)

Thanks to the Whispering Writer for the idea!

To sit in silence when people are asking parenting questions. I don’t like to give advice on certain things. Every child is different. Who am I to say what is the right way? I’m still not sure I’m doing it all right….but I know I’m doing alright. Ya know?

To still be tired from this weekend. I could sleep for an entire day…but of course I Mommy stuff never ends. Instead of going to bed early last night since there was no practice or a game…I took my son and his friends to the baseball field to play. I is tired.

To have my “weekend” post still in my drafts. I can’t get the pictures to upload right. I’ll have to try it tonight. I gotta show off my girls! (not my boobs, my actual daughters! Sorry Heather if you had a flashback! LOL)

To ask, plead, beg for votes!!! We really wanna win!!! :D Please take a moment to vote for Marisol R. Please feel free to share the link with whomever you like. Wish I had a give-a-way to enter for anyone who includes it in a post. But I don’t…unless you want a crappy poem? Haha!

Please vote for Marisol R. Entry #6

Thank you!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Can ya do me a favor??

Would you be so kind as to head over to this link and vote for Marisol R?? 

Yes shameless self promotion.  In case you don't remember Marisol, my weekend kid, here is an old post to refresh your memory. 

Please vote....then ask your mom to vote....then enter your mom and I will vote for you cause each week it's a new list of top 10 finalists.

Can't wait to tell you all about my weekend.  But go vote first!! PLEASE!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

F-IT! It's Friday!!

I'm not sure what I did to piss the universe off....but today has been a pretty crappy day.  From my son's "award" that wasn't to a cracked bumper.  Grrrr!!! I'm sorry universe.  I will change my crappy attitude and send out only positive vibes from this point on.  Pinky swear! I'm not even going to complain that the Chicken Pot Pie I just picked up at KFC is over cooked.  I'm just gonna eat it and be quiet about it. :)

Tonight is my daughter's 6th grade dance.  It's not a "real" dance where they have dates and stand around like wall flowers.  It's a tradition at the school that all 6th graders learn a variety of ballroom dances and showcase them at the end of the year for the parents.  Dance partners are randomly assigned and there is no sitting out a dance.  They learned to Tango, cha cha, fox trot, waltz, the hustle and a bunch others.  They are doing 16 songs in total. 16!!!! It shall be a long night.  There is one spot on her dance card for her "special guest" (their PC way of saying Daddy).  They will be dancing to "Unforgettable" will my mascara survive?  Probably not.  I can't even think about it because I tear up.  I can't believe our baby girl is moving on to Middle School.  Where did the time go. 

There was a parent meeting a few weeks ago regarding the decorations for the dance.  The room was full of parents who were so ready to help and had great ideas.  When I walked into the room on Wednesday night there was ONE mom there on a ladder hanging lights on the ceiling.  It was a mess.  She had a "vision" and I tried to help but i just could't see it.  She was not even halfway done and she says "I have to go, see you Friday".   I called in the reinforcements. When they got there we took it all down and started over.  Is that mean?  Maybe.  But you know what...we stayed until 9:30 that night and transformed that room into something pretty special for our kids.  I was there this morning for the award that wasn't and everyone was talking about how great the room looked.  I'm proud of us. 

This post sure took a random turn.....F-It! It's Friday!!

*****OMG!!! This was my 100th post!! I really wish I would have paid attention to the post count.  I should have written a much more interesting post.  I would like my two readers to be entertained!! :) *******

Friday, May 11, 2012

F-IT! It's Friday!!!

My Friday posts will be the most random posts of all randomness. F-it, it's Friday!

I'm in a weird mood today.  Maybe it's because I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. Maybe it's because Aunt Flo has decided to punch me in the uterus with all she has. TMI? F-It, it's Friday! :)

Let's talk Facebook for a moment shall we??  What is it with the need some people have to put ALL their business out there for the world to see?  I mean I share a lot of stuff on Facebook too but there are somethings that I feel need not be shared.  For example:

1.  Your drama with your ex (husband, wife, baby momma, boyfriend, in-laws, etc.) Please, please don't brag about being the bigger person because if you were you wouldn't be putting all your drama on facebook.  Oh but you hate him?  He is a deadbeat?  He cheated on you?  Didn't you meet him in a club when he was engaged to someone else?  You thought you could change him right?  Having a baby will settle him down right? Well you were wrong.  Instead of blasting him for all his wrongs, why not just admit you didn't have the best judgment and move on. He obviously has. 

2.  Drama with your CURRENT Lovah - People argue and disagree.  It's going to happen.  Relationships have problems once in a while, it's how you deal with them that makes your relationship stronger or well crappier (yes it's a word).   I mean how boring would it be if you didn't disagree once in a while?  It keeps things fresh and gives you an excuse for some good ol' make up sex.  Yeah I said it.  But if you decide to change your status to "Minute man strikes again, my man needs to quit drinking a 12 pack before bed" everyone knows your issue and no one will look at you guys the same again.    
3. Telling someone off on Facebook that isn't even your friend.  I mean yes sometimes it feels good to go off.  But what good is it if that person doesn't even see it?  Trying to show how tough you are over facebook just shows how weak you are IRL.  You have an issue with someone...call them up and talk it out or drive over to their house and punch them in the neck. It's up to you but leave me out of it.

4. Checking in at the gym E'RYDAY.  Ok I get it you work out.  Bravo! Good for you! I DON'T CARE!!! I do to work everyday do I check in? No cause it's boring and no one cares. 

I could go on and on but I'll stop there for now.  What drives you crazy on Facebook (or twitter or whateva)?? Let it out, it feels so good!! :D


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey, It's Okay....

Hey, It's okay to join in on the fun and do it's a Hey, It's okay post! :)

Thanks to the Whispering Writer for the idea!

To be kinda freaked out over this car seat.  I mean WTH?  I’m sorry but if I was a little kid I would NOT want to sit in that thing.  I would be afraid that her hands would come to life and strangle me. 

To have no idea why my pictures like to upload sideways.  They aren't like that on my computer so I'm not sure why they are like that when I upload to Blogger.  Boo!!!

To have called to vote for Jessica Sanchez on American Idol so many times it cleared my call history. I mean let’s face it, the girl can SING. Plus she is from my home town of Chula Vista!! Whoop whoop!!

To be addicted to trashy reality TV.  16 and Pregnant, Toddlers and Tiara’s, Big Rich Texas, Dance Moms and Miami Dance Moms.  My daughters and I are hooked.  Our DVR at home is close to full…we should be embarrassed but we’re not.