Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday....

Do you ever have thos days where you wanna punch everyone who walks into your office in the neck?      No??      Guess it's just me then.  

This weekend was a bust because so much dang ish went wrong.  But it's ok because there was still a whole bunch of stuff that went right!  For each piece of bad news I've received, I prayed.  Those prayers were answered in a way that only God can.  God is Good!! 

I know that bad things happen for a reason and sometimes it's super hard to see what the reason is.  But seriously folks....HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING!!!

We've started a new habit of going to Sea World on Friday about 8:30 or 9:00 at night.  Yes we are crazies.  But we are able to park in the front row, ride the new Manta roller coaster at least 3 times, enjoy our popcorn, soda and cotton candy refills for $5.78.  Heller, How ya dern?

After Sea World we drove over to my secret spot to do some Grunion Hunting. Going to the beach at midnight in the summer to see the Grunion run is one of my most favorite memories.  It's a rite of passage for any SoCal kid.  

This is a Grunion.  

They come up on shore to make babies.  Then we ruin the mood by catching them.  My kids just wanted to hold it...then we threw it back in.  Other people keep them to use as bait.  Some eat them, kinda gross. We also narrowly missed stepping on a baby sting ray that washed up on the beach.  Gina used her flip flops to scoop it back into the water.  Her good deed for the day.  

Today is the start of our hectic football season.  Practice 4 days a week for my little man....and school starts back on Wednesday.  Yes ALREADY!! Woohoo!!! 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hump Day Happies - Anniversary

This Saturday is our “boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary”.  We don’t usually celebrate it…we just acknowledge the day…unless it happens to land on a Saturday and our actual wedding anniversary is on a lame Tuesday. 

Saturday will be 15 years of “exclusiveness” and Tuesday will be 13 years of Wedded Bliss so we’ll be heading out to dinner and maybe a movie….we party hard.    

You know the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”?  Well it’s true.  Some years have just flown by…others not so much. LOL!!

But seriously, it hasn’t all been easy (I mean even in the notebook they had their challenges) but who wants easy?? Easy is boring.

Here are the things that I’m happy about today:

That I picked a good one! A reeaaalllyyyy good one! He is a great provider for our family, a loving and crazy supportive husband and father.

That he is more than just my baby Daddy.  He takes an active role in raising our kids.   We’re a team…a sexy kick ass team!  He cheers just as loud at our son’s football games as he does at our daughters dance recitals or cheer competitions. 

That he STILL opens doors for me and has taught our son to do the same. It’s just the cutest thing.  When it’s just me and the girls I always joke that I don’t know how to get out of the car if no one opens my door.   

That he sends me random text messages throughout the day and they aren’t always appropriate and it cracks me up. 

That through all these years we’re growing together and not apart.  

That this list could go on and on but I’ll stop the cheesiness here and leave you with one of my most favorite quotes on love:

“Stop comparing your love story with those you see in movies.  They’re written by scriptwriters, yours is written by God.” -unknown 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hump Day Happies...Family Shenanigans

I have a Love/Hate relationship with my husbands employer.  One of the things I hate is that my husband works most Saturdays so I spend a lot of time being a "single mom" or at least it feels that was sometimes. (mad props to single moms cause that ish is hard!)

Once a month my husband has a Saturday off and if we're REALLY lucky we have NO plans! No parties, no football/baseball games, no cheer competition, no dance performance. It's GREAT and we make the most of it!! This past Saturday was one of those days and it was BEAUTIFUL in Sunny Diego!!! 

We spent the whole day together despite the migraine that tried to kill me.  I won suckah!!!! 

We started off with a hike up Cowles Mountain.
Note to self....never go with them again.  I really thought I was going to throw up this time.  It was so damn hot and they were moving at warp speed. 
Don't let the smile fool you....I was crying inside. :) On the way down the mountain there was a girl who fell and hurt her ankle.  I felt really bad...there were people who were trying to help her, but I guess it just hurt too much because the fire fighters and paramedics arrived when we got to the bottom.  They had to go up there and help their full gear....and it was HOT yo! She was at least a mile up the mountain.  Poor them!  

After showers we got ready and headed to my favorite place...
Old Town San Diego. 
 There is so much to see and do here I never get tired of it. They have stagecoach days right now with tons of activities.  

If you're ever in town holla and we'll share one of these...
when I say share I'm talking about sharing the experience. 

After walking around and enjoying the sights we headed home to get refreshed (and take a 30 minute nap to beat the migraine).  

We decided to end the night at the movies so we made a dash to 7-11 to pick up movie snacks. 

We went to see TED.  Yes I took my kids (and the brother in law) to see TED.  That's not even the worse part....I can't even tell you the worse part as least not until I know for sure I can't be arrested. 

What's making you happy on hump day??? 


Friday, July 6, 2012

F-It! It's Friday!!! Mid-Week Holiday

Yes I know I'm supposed to do my Fitness Challenge check in today....but like the post title says....F-it It's Friday!!! 

I've been bad at everything this week.  Eating, exercising, blogging.....the list could go on and on.  I blame it on a mid-week holiday.  I love me a holiday....but mid-week is no bueno.  I feel like I've had two Mondays in one week and Mondays suck yo! 

Speaking of the lovely town made the national news.....

We were supposed to have the best fire works this side of the Mississippi.  I think they were great even though they only lasted 33 seconds.  (soooo many inappropriate jokes I could make here....) 

I spent the day at home with the kiddos while Hubs was at work.  We BBQ'd that evening with my kids, and brother's-in-law.  It was great!! Steak, ribs, veggies, corn, watermelon, and of course Jello-poke cake! 
(hence my skipping the weigh in this week!)
Yes 3 million other people "Pinned" their own version on Wednesday!

We ended the night with a bonfire and s'mores in the backyard, then climbed up on the roof to watch all the different firework shows in our area. The swap meet had the best show by far! 
Yes 3 of the 5 people in this photo are on their phones....quality family time

I promise to work on being better at being awesome next week.  

Until then...ADIOS!!!