Friday, May 29, 2009

5 things I am grateful for....

1. Pandora...I heart you...I heart you hard! You make the work day bearable. You play da jamz! Even the wiggity whack ones....but you let me skip those!
Marry me and we'll live happily eva after!

2. My iphone - I don't need anything but you! I can check da facebook, the space, tweet and continue to hear da jamz on pandora! You are my everything!

You complete me! Without you I'd be lost!

3. School awards -You make my babies happy = Alice happy! do Rock...the side braid....oh and the inventors showcase! Holla!

4. Empower U - For showing me the light all those many years ago! I still use your lessons to this day! Hence the 5 and 5 post (oops minus one 5 cause I'm short on time!)

want it...create it....AMEN!

5. Mis AH ME GAS (Amigas) - Without you I would wither away here! Even before Pandora you got me through the work days. Did I cry my first week of work here? Hex yesh I I laugh so hard I pee now? Yesh, yesh I doNo one rocked harder than us at No Doubt...oh and my high school friends joined the group picture! Yeah we still roll hard! haha!

P.S. I'm grateful for so much more than just 5 things of life, my family, my husband, Mickey D's double cheeseburgers, etc. those are pretty much a given! So don't judge. It's not becoming. ;o)
Have a fantabulous weekend all!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Airbrushed or not....I'd still rock his world!!

Yeah I said it! Anyway...there is an uproar in blogger world regarding the true source of Rob's beautiful abs. A million crunches or a talented airbrush?? I say....who gives a flying flock of sea gulls! They look absolutely yummy and that's good enough for me!!
Yeah that's stinky Kstew you're smelling...sorry you have to kiss her instead of me!

Where did my long weekend go?

Long weekends are just never long enough ya know? Mine went down like so..........


Got all dolled up for the Paramore/No Doubt Concert and rolled out to HZizzle’s Casa to meet up with the girls. The concert was flippin' awesome! Despite the drunktard searching hi and low for Natasha...the random girls who were higher than kites bumping into us...they left real quick after HG checked them.haha! Oh and the drunk girl who showed me her butt and then felt me up...priceless. I had such a good time I grabbed tickets to their next show in August...can't wait!!!

Had to rock my new shades…don’t hate. Ha!

We kicked it at HZizzles house waiting on Hannah….story of our lives…haha!!!
Gotta throw up the dueces…it’s how I roll

Woohooo!!! We made it. We got there after the opener (The Sounds) were playin’ which turned out to be a blessing because we missed the monster line to get in. Me, HG, and Hannah (HZizzle doesn’t “do” pictures)

Special Thanks to my amigos Vanessa and Jair who saved us a comfy spot on the lawn….oh and they were celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary! Whoop whoop! Congrats friends! Vanessa and me…Jair is the stud behind the camera!

Never leave home without him....

Eddie enjoying Paramore (they rocked it hard!)

Cutest couple!!!!

Had to keep my hands free for clapping, pictures, throwin' up the know. Where is a Little Eddie to go? It just made sense!


I spent my morning at a funeral...muy sad...let's not talk about it. Then I went home and spruced up the new's about time...

I have too much stuff...But I love it all! What's a girl to do?!?

Here's my mini me...wish you had one too don't you...quit hatin'!

Dueces like mama! We were up to no good...more on that later!


Familia time!!! Had the fam bam over for a Carne Asada (Mexican speak for BBQ)

Here's the newest member of the fam...he's only 2 months old!!

We totally got the good looks in the family!

The kids made a rukus...I'm sure our neighbors hate us!

Yeah that's my mini me duecin' it up again...gosh I love her!


NOTHIN'!! Sweet Nothing!!!

I hope you all had a great Weekend! Hey it's HUMP DAY!! whoop whoop!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love triangle

HZizzle let me borrow her new Bella and Edward....I'm so jealous!

Edward and Bella
Everyone is staring at us!
*ugh actually they are staring at Alice...she's playing with dolls at her desk!*

Edward and Bella and Edward oh my!
What the....where did you get those sunglasses?

The Standoff

Just stop fighting over me! *ugh...actually I just really want those sunglasses!

Bella who?Um guys....I'm a little uncomfortable....
(I didn't do it on purpose! that's how they landed in the bag when I was returning to HZ...I promise!)

Lack of Shenanigans?....I think not

As I was sitting here yesterday catching up on different blogs I got a little sad that I didn't have anything to blog about. Before I started this blog I had this great idea that all these shenanigans I get into would make this hilarious blog...was I wrong? Nope. The events that take place in my day to day life are a crack up...the thing is...I'm involved in almost ALL of them. Therefore, no photo or video proof of such events actually taking place. Should I hire a photographer to follow me and the fam bam around in the event that something blog worthy happen? Or do I just ask trust that my life really is this nuts! I'll go with the second one. ;o)

So here are some Random pictures for you to enjoy:

I can ride my bike with no handlebars.....

Isn't my bike cute? I love it...that is until I totally ate it at my sister's house trying to get back on it to head home. What was my dear sister's response? "Get off my neighbors grass dude you're gonna mess it up!" Thanks for your concern sister....I'm okay. Then Gina rolls up and instead of making sure her Mom is cool she said "Dang why couldn't you fall when I was here, that would have been funny" Such love, such love. *it was freakin' hilarious though...I even pee'd a little! There's your TMI for the day!

I'm Rollin' on Dubs.....

Until the curb came out of no where and ruinned it! See what had happened was.....okay fine, I hit a more excuses....I just suck. So much for rollin' on dubs...I just lost my gangsta status. :o(


So I was too tired to cook on Saturday so I rolled out to Northgate to pick up some bomb carnitas for dinner....then I spy this sign. Fur realz, I did NOT need to know that...ignorance really is bliss! oh and yeah I macked on some carnitas tacos anyways!

*on a side note...some man was hitting on my Mama! It was sad to watch. But Chhhooowww my Mama still gots it! hahaha!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Funny Friday...

Like so many other husbands/boyfriends/significant others/etc. out there my husband just doesn't understand "what the big deal is" when it comes to Twilight. He's so anti-Twilight he won't even read the hilarious blog over at Twilight Widowers Anonymous The sad part is he has the kids in on his teasing...though the girls loved the movie they're just haters.

Anywho... every so often they run across something funny to show me or they'll hide/torture my Edward (aka Mini Eddie). So I figured I'd share the nonsense every once in a while...cause sometimes, as dumb as it is, it makes me laugh.

This video is one of those so dumb it's funny ones:

This video is mostly just ‘tarded …except the end….I’m still laughing! (G it's you!)

Late addition...that's to HZizzle! Love this one...mostly cause they give me a shout out! ;o) I didn't eat your cookies fool!

At dinner for Mamon's b-day I left my phone and Eddie unattended...and I came back to this:

No wonder my water tasted so good when I got back to the table. PUNKS! Oh and FYI can't kill him SUCKAH you tried and failed x2

Then there was the incident of the missing Edward:
I found him in the fridge! Yeah he's smooth like Butter....glad they pointed it out. Once again...HATERS! (Yeah sister I'm talking to you!)

Enjoy your Friday Funny....I have a lot going on this Monday's post should be fun!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Throwback Thursday

ahh - fashion of the 80's...sadly - I'm questioning if I am following the new fad of the booty boots, or if I never truly LEFT the 80's....

Girls have ALWAYS wanted to have fun - but Cyndi Lauper made it cooler

Waaaay back when Michael was black - he created "Thriller", which to this day; remains the number #1 album of all time. MJ - what happened??

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Thundercats. Watched them at 3:30 every afternoon

I think "Lion-O" was my first celebrity crush - I mean -- LOOK AT HIM! He has the body of a god!!

I was INSANELY jealous of my cousin Leah because she had more She-Ra dolls than me, AND the Crystal Castle - I swear, if I could've fit that castle into my lunchbox - it totally would've went home with me. TOTALLY!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You say it's your Birthday.....

81st Academy Awards, 2009

So, so Yummy!!I wanna lick...I mean WISH RPattz a Happy Birthday! He looks a lot like my friend. See.....

So weird! Any who...brings you another year closer to me! Chhooowww!

WTF Wednesday - Epic post today - it's sooo long.......((that's what she said!!!!!))

Good Morning! It's me, Heather!
Okay, gather ‘round boys and girls – today’s WTF topic is Concert Etiquette. This past Sunday, my ever-faithful concert buddy (that’s you, Rachel!) and I went to go see The Avett Brothers at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. Aside from the truly heinous sounds coming from the opening band’s lead singer, it was a great show with lots of energy and good music. Which is why we go to concerts, right? I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I go to listen to the music that I enjoy, usually with others with similar musical tastes. But, maybe this is just me. I’ve been to a lot of concerts….A LOT, and I’m constantly surprised by how clueless people can be when it comes to going to a concert. So, I’ve picked out some concert-attending tips that I’d like to share with you :

CONCERT ATTIRE – this depends upon the venue and social situation. If this is a date at a nice venue with seats – feel free to dress up in your skimpiest outfits and highest heels. However, if the show is being held at a venue like the Belly Up, House of Blues, or anyplace where you stand around the whole time (i.e. festivals, floor tix at a rock concert, etc.), I highly recommend comfort:

DO (comfy all evening):

DON'T ( could poke someone's eye out!!):

Comfortable shoes – sneakers recommended. WARNING: wear flip-flops at your own risk. While they are comfortable, you also risk your toes being stepped on or stepping in wet puddles of an unknown substance. Not cool.

Comfortable clothes – jeans and the top of your choice recommended. Remember, you need to be able to maneuver through sweaty crowds like a ninja and keep warm/cool depending on the environment. Unless it is snowing or raining outside, I do not recommend bringing a sweatshirt or jacket into a venue. More useless stuff to carry.

No purses, ladies – this is why I recommend jeans, preferably with many pockets. I like the hair band wrapped around my ID, bank/credit cards, cash and insurance cards (just in case!) in my pocket. Other pockets should contain lip balm, back-up hair ties (a good friend always has one ready), a camera (if allowed), your cell phone and keys.

Now that we have attire out of the way, here are the DO’s and DON’Ts for appropriate social behavior:

Boobs. Looking at the picture above reminds me of this little pet peeve. If I want to feel some boobs, I’ve got my own. I do not need to feel yours pressing into my back, arm, shoulder, or anywhere else. Just because you’re so drunk you don’t know (or care) who’s in front of you doesn’t mean I want to be violated like that. Just sayin’.

o DO keep your chest to yourself or your SigOther. DO NOT rub up on poor, unsuspecting souls in front of you.
o **Enforcement of this rule is optional for male attendees

Tall people. Those of you blessed with the gift of height, please understand that you are not transparent and when you plant your shoulder blades in front of my face I cannot, in fact, see the stage through you.

o DO be aware of your surroundings; DO NOT purposely stand in front of someone a foot shorter than you just to be a dick.

Tall person view:

Short person (aka “poor schmuck”) view:

Singing along and Song Requests. Everyone has a favorite song they want to hear. If you’re lucky, yours is on the band’s pre-determined set list that they came up with prior to the show. Drunkenly screaming out your request is not going to make you any friends, nor will it get your song played. Also, if you’re going to sing along……try to be in tune, just a little. I did not pay to hear you screech along, two keys flat and off-rhythm.

o DO leave the singing to the professionals; DO NOT confuse a concert with drunken karaoke night.

Talking. Socializing should take place before and after the concert. If you have something to say during the performance, lean in closely to your target and speak directly into their ear. Yelling loudly means you force your conversation on those around you who care nothing about the latest Gossip Girl episode or your recently discovered rash.

o DO listen to the music; DO NOT ruin other people’s experience with your incessant chatter.

Older attendees. I hesitate to say too much about this subject, because I plan on going to concerts well past middle age; however, feeling young at heart doesn’t mean you should dress as young as you feel. Seriously, if you are over the age of 45, halters, minis, tight jeans, or any other skankalicious clothing that your daughter wouldn’t even wear should not be worn in public.

o DO get out and have a good time at any age; DO NOT carry desperation like a banner.
o I hate to say, based on personal observation, that is often the rowdy older crowd that acts the most inappropriately. It's embarrassing, really.

Dancing. To each his own. If it makes you feel good, go ahead and dance your heart out. That said, if you are a drunken, white frat boy, this does not apply. You are not allowed to dance. Ever.

o Repeat: DO get out and have a good time, even if you look the fool; DO NOT truly act the fool.

Oh and one last tip - drink before you go into the venue. It's a lot cheaper!!

So, my lecture comes to an end. I hope this helps you prepare for any future concert-going experiences (say on May 22nd down in CV....) and save you from any potential embarrassment. Please comment and share any other tips I may have missed!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mamacita Day

I hope all you Mommies had a great Mother's Day. Mine was fantastic! Here's what went down:

We had plans to wake up early, head to breakfast, then Sea World.....but when the alarm went off I decided I much rather sleep in a little more. Lucky for me my little ones realized I was brilliant so they hopped into bed with us and slept in until around 9:30! (Just the little ones came in our bed...G was perfectly happy in her bed until her brother woke her up at 10). Then my darling babies and My Rock made me breakfast. We had pancakes, eggs, potatoes and bacon. It was a smorgasbord!

Here's My Rock whipping up his famous pancakes:

*He bought me this pink apron for Mother's Day since I asked for a new cute apron...isn't he so cute!?!

The girls cleaned up the kitchen ......

And set the table.....

The boy you ask? Well he was doing what boys do best.....

Here's my team working together....okay the boy is still being silly....

Now it's time for breakfast....and PRESENTS!!!

*I'm a dork and forgot to take a picture up close of all the presents once they were opened! But I got a Mosaic frame, a wood frame, a hand print, a "Why I Love My Mom" book and 4 beautifully thoughtful cards.

Then we were off to Sea are my favorite pictures of our day:

My beautiful babies ready for the "Viva La Musica" concert featuring Elvis Crespo in Shamu Stadium!

Has he lost his sparkle? No. Actually he is made of plastic! DUH!

Here he is reminding B that it's Mother's Day so she really shouldn't ask for ice cream...AGAIN!

No I didn't knock his tooth out! It fell out on it's own...or so he claims!

The weather was perfect, the concert was GREAT! The kids were out a little past their bedtime, but they had a BLAST! It really was one of my best Mother's Day ever! I am so Blessed!

*Don't ask me why we all have weird smiles...we're just cool like that!