Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mail bag....

Dear SoCal girls, 
You are either hot or you are cold.  You can't be both.  Well...not at your age at least.  If you have shorts on do not wear Uggs.  Do not wear a flimsy cami with a scarf either.  It's stupid and so are you. 

Captain of the "Oh Hex no she isn't not wearing that" Task Force

Dear college soccer/football/track athletes, 
Yes I do clean my pool myself on the daily.  Yes it is a coincidence that it is always when you are out on the field working out.  Mind your own... and take off your shirts once in a while....I'd hate for you to have heat stroke.

Cougar in training

Dear Pool man, 
Can you be a dear and park a few houses up from mine so that people don't realize that I have no reason to be in my backyard "cleaning my pool"?  Thanks love! 

Cougar in Training, again

Dear Jr. High/High School kids that hang out by MY Subway, 
I'm sorry that you are rude and horribly disrespectful.  It's too bad you had to learn the hard way not to mess with me or my Mama.  The point is you learned something.  I straight checked your punk a$$! If it happens again I won't be as nice.
The Regulator

Dear Earth,
I get it...we pissed you off.  Your point has been made, enough is enough.  Please stop shaking.

Seasick on solid ground

Dear safety patrol punks,
I see you daily on the corner...you must get it from your mama.  Yeah that was mean....doesn't feel to good does it?  My son likes to run.  So once he crosses the street I let him run from the corner to our house.  Is it really that funny?  He may win a gold medal one day....you will be obese and miserable on your couch.  Be mean to my boy one more time and you will suffer the wrath. 

A VERY protective Mama bear

Dear all my old safety patrol buddies,
The put down in the letter above does not apply to us.  Just to punk brats who are super mean to adorable 1st graders.

1992 Captain of the Safety Patrol

Dear Lovely Blog Readers,
I'm sorry I suck at blogging and commenting.  Who knew that I'd be even more busy now that I don't have a 9-5?  Sometimes I miss my government job that allowed me 5 hours of my day to blog surf, facebook stalk and play farmville.  I will do my best to get around to commenting at least once a week. Deal?

Busier than a one armed....

Dear Glee,
I've waited for you for so long...please don't disappoint! That is all. 

Future Mrs. Shu II

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shake, rattle and roll....

Easter was wonderful.  The family was all over at our house for delicious food, swimming and egg hunting.  It was a beautiful day.  Up until the shaking started.  The 7.2 magnitude Earthquake was centered about 114 miles from my house.  It felt a whole lot closer.  Within minutes my well trained children were under the kitchen table with their backs to the windows.  They even brought Buster in from the backyard.  I wish I had a picture of the 7 kids and 1 dog crammed under the table in their Sunday best.  It's funny now...when it was happening it was a little scary because we didn't know how bad it would get. 

The rest of the day was filled with aftershocks and I was nauseous from all the swaying.  It felt a little like being on a boat.  The waves in the pool were pretty cool though.  Wish I would have videotaped it.  
Monday morning there was an aftershock at about 4:15am that was strong enough to wake me up.  Last night eating dinner another strong one...then another strong one at bed time just to remind us.  They just keep coming and I'm over it. :D 

Here is a picture to give you a little bit of an idea how much shaking is going on. 


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Isn't it hilarious that Twilight stuff is EVERYWHERE?  Even on an Easter greeting.  It made me giggle and I hope you did as well.  

This season of Lent seemed to have just flown by.  I kept all my Lenten promises and I will continue to live with the changes I have made in my life.  However, since it's been a VERY long time since an ice cold Coca Cola Classic has touched my lips....today after Mass I will be going to 7-11 and getting me a Big Gulp! Woohoo!!! :D  

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!