Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hey, It's Okay!!

Hey, It's okay to join in on the fun and do it's a Hey, It's okay post! :)
Thanks to the Whispering Writer for the idea!

To still not have a regualr posting schedule.  My time management is still a work in progress.  I'll get there!
To have quit my part time job.  I was only there for 3 months but with my extended hours here at my day job and all the kids activities I was a grouch from lack of sleep.  I would leave the house at 7am and wouldn't get home until 11:30pm most nights.  No bueno.  The money wasn't that good!
To have let my 18 year old move out.  It's been a week and she's already hinting that she would like to come back.  Tough love is hard on everyone but I think it's important. 
To have pinned a million Thanksgiving center piece ideas and know that I'll complete about ZERO of them.  I just love Thanksgiving!!!  I'm more excited about that then Christmas!
To be beyond excited that this week at work is the only full work week of the month.  After this week I get two 3-DAY work weeks in a row then a 4 day work week.  I love this new job!!! :)
Until next time..........