Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday Funnies....

What's that? It's Thursday you say? Well today is MY Friday at work and it's my blog so therefore...IT'S FRIDAY FUNNIES time!!

I'm off to go compete in today's office Olympics Challenge so I don't have time to be hilarious as usual. So I turn it over to you dear funny blog friends. We're gonna play...add the caption. Have fun!!

*edited to protect the innocent

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

I have this weird pattern of actually being happy every other week. I no likey. My doggie is still sick, so he's still keeping us up at night. I just want him to get better. Somewhere along the way I feel in love with the toe licking monster. AKA Sir Humps A Lot. :D Even though his Doggie E.R. visit cost us some mad chedda yo!
Other than that. Are you happy? You should's Hump Day! Look over yonder....that's the weekend! You can already see it!
For today's happy's I've compiled another list of things that made me happy today. (I really like lists) Here's a short one (twss):
1. Random text messages from My Rock to tell me he loves me.
2. It's now Fall and I LURVES me the Fall time!!
3. Held it down in Office Olympics today. Well at least one event.
4. I have Friday off!!!
5. I have some cool as heck blog friends.
Since you're all so cool. Who wants to play a game? A song lyric game? We'll start Monday. Who is in???

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My To-Do List...

So....I got this idea from Amber months ago and I've had it on my to-do list since then. (oh the irony) The only way to hold myself accountable is to put it out here for the world to see. I'll let you know how it works. I'm giving myself 2-weeks to get'r done.

1. Buy Dresser for Bedroom

2. Paint kids bunk beds

3. Buy My Little Rock a new mattress

4. Pick favortie anniversary pictures to put in frames
5. Send the anniversary pictures to Costco for printing

6. Add word art over bed

7. Pick a brand new recipe and make it for the familia

8. Buy new Halloween decor and decorate Casa

9. Work out 3 times a week (cheer practice doesn't count unless I do laps)
10. Plan my Mom's birthday celebration

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's not all about hump day...

You would think Wednesdays are my favorite since that is when I seem to be in the habit of posting. Well it's not. Fridays are. Fridays rock non stop! Wanna know why? Well I'll tell ya!
1. It's casual day at work. I get to wear my jeans. I love jeans
2. Every other Friday I am off of work. I work a 9/80 schedule and I loves it.
3. It's softball night. I play on that co-ed team I told you about a while back...'member? You 'member!
4. I don't have cheer practice. It's my day away from those little....darlings. :D
5. I get to hang out with the Bestie...we usually chillax after the games.
6. If it's a Friday I don't have work then I get to go to breakfast with my Mama, sister, and bestie.
7. I get to pick my kids up from school. I love that they are so happy to see me when they walk out of their classrooms.
8. I could go on and on....but it's Friday so I'm off to Enjoy it!
Have a great weekend!!
P.S. I bought my ticket to the Midnight showing of New Moon. Yesh, yesh I did. 63 days. Don't hate.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

I am happy because the Bolts did it again on MNF! 12 wins in a row against the Raiders!!

We watched the game in our friends backyard on a big projection screen. It was a great time!
Not a great picture...but you get the idea! It was a blast!

I was checking out the Chargers website and look who is on there:
No biggie...just me and My Rock reppin' SD. Just sayin'. Now I wish I would have done my hair! :D

Did I mention that we are hilarious when we are together?? Well we are....

We totally made-out in their picture! We make backgrounds more interesting.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hump Day Happy - [Fall TV]

You know what I'm happy about today? Fall TV is almost back!!!

Oh dear sweet DVR of mine...get ready to earn yo keep sucka! You's gonna have a busy few months. You won't be sitting there with nothing but Days of Our Lives (shhh don't judge-I mean Nicole has Sami's baby and is rasing it as her own and EJ thinks...forget it!) and Family Guy reruns. You get to record REAL TV!!

Here is a run-down of the shows I am addcited to. I should be embarrassed...but I'm not! I am a TV junkie...good show...bad show...who cares it's TV!! :D

1. Grey's Anatomy (9/24)

The cliff hanger was great...I was sitting there screaming "It's O'Malley!! Hello!! O'Malley!!" So we know he's not gonna make it...I mean it's a given he has been trying to get off this show for a while now. The question is...will Izzy go with him?

I'm sorry I can't understand you mangled man...I'm getting married today!

2. The Office (9/17)

A Baby! She's gonna have a baby!! Will these be another reason for Dwight to grease up a watermelon and practice delivering a baby with Michael? I sure as heck hope so!!

How cute is their kid gonna be...I mean seriously!

3. Desperate Housewives (9/27)Okay Yes the show is kinda whack these days...but I still like to see the random Susan Shenanigans. I love her and Mike together...we were robbed of that I say! Mike is getting married again...but to who? Crazy #1 or Crazy#2?

Excuse me are making it impossible to see the hair color of the bride and um...I need to know now!!!

3. Private Practice (10/1)

I love Addison...but she kinda sucks on this show I mean fur realz...didn't she learn anything from the last time she got caught having an affair? I am disappointed! Seriously. But HELLO! Pyscho baby stealer alert!! Who didn't see that one coming? oh yeah...ME!

I couldn't get this scene/image out of my here you go get it stuck in yours. that B!#tch is CRA-ZEEE!! She is Fur realz with her "I will cut you!" Someone save Violet!

4. 90210 (9/8) this show is sooo lame and trashy and I'm hooked! It started because I LOVED me some OG 90210..this one is way more dirty! These kids are doing things they shouldn't even know about!

Adrianna has been a child actress, drug addict, traded sex for drugs, rehab, pregnancy, baby adoption and she is only like a sophmore! What.the.freak!

5. The Hills (9/29) I Love LC...and she is gone. Will I still love the Hills? Who knows. But I wanna see what Kristen brings to the table. This maybe my last season. (and theirs too!)

P.S. I'm SOOO over Heidi and Spencer.

6. LOST (freakin' 2010!) I LOVE/HATE this show!! It makes me wait super long time to get a new epi!! There's Locke and the "Un-Locke" and the 3 toed statue and the smoke monster...what is going on?? Not to mention the hottie Richard Alpert. Guyliner or Manscara? I don't care you is hot!
But NOT as hot as this guy....

Hey there grouchy...I can make you happy...fur serious.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

When I grow up I wanna be famous…

Actually, I have no idea what I want to be. Isn't that sad? I am 3 months and some change away from my 30th birthday and I have no idea what I want to do career wise. As I've said many a time before I always knew I wanted to be a wife and mother….other than that I'm at a loss. The "career" I've been in for the past 9 years is one I used to be passionate about. Maybe it's the place I work now that makes me not want to do it anymore…or maybe I'm just over it. Other than the fact that I NEED my paycheck I have NO motivation to do my job. None. None at all.

So, give me some ideas…what do you think I would be good at? Remember, it needs to make a decent amount of money so I can help provide for my family…cause let's face it a girls' gotta eat…and so does her husband, and her kids and her dog. J

Let's compile a list shall we? We shall.

  1. Teacher – let's be honest kids are punks sometimes. Am I strong enough not to smack them? I don't know.

  2. Marriage/family counselor – How long will this take? Can I afford to go to school forever and a day? Will I cry like I do with my friends when they come to me for advice? I don't know.

  3. Nurse – Will I have to clean poop? Prolly. And again…how long will this take? There is a like a 2-4 year wait for nursing programs at JC's maybe I'll just get on the list in case. :D

  4. Aesthetician – Most of the time the money making days are the weekends….I need my weekends for my family. Right now it's just fun to do it on the side…hhmmm.

  5. Trophy Wife :D – really my most favorite so far. If I could spend my entire day jus' working to look good for my man I would be "BANGIN'" heehee

  6. Please add more! Cause none of these are jumping out at me. Or…do you think it's just the place I work and I need to stick to what I've been doing but find a new place to work? Help me!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

'Member those little leaguers I told you about the other day? You 'member. Well they did it!! they won the Little League World Series! I love how excited this has gotten our whole community. I love that we feel so close because of these 12 amazin' boys. Last night at cheer practice my girls were swooning over Bulla who paid a visit to his football team. I was like "'s the same Bulla ya'll knew two months ago." But really he's not. And even I got a little star struck for a minute. haha! Anyways there was a BIG welcome home rally on Monday night. The bus came in at almost 10pm...on a school night...yes we were there. Oh and so was Frankie J and George Lopez...Jus' sayin'.

Here is a picture of the crowd when George Lopez arrived to give each boy and the 2 coaches a 32 gig i-touch. He is da man

My boy will be hitting the batting cages daily...shoot I'm tryin' to get celebrity status too! :D It was standing room only on the home side of the stadium. If you look across the field even the visitor side bleachers were pretty full. This Friday is the offical parade followed by another rally at the college. Which just happens to be in my back yard...literally. The high school bestie is coming in from Phoenix even...this is a big deal. I can't wait!

That's it for today!