Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wonderful Randomness

'Member how I mentioned that I'm really busy? Weeeellllll...this week marks the official start of my 'crazyness'.

Cheer and football season! (Yeah cheer comes first! ha!) posts may become fewer and far between...But I still gots nothing but love for you!

Here is some Alice randomness for you to enjoy!!!!

It was REALLY hot last week! I mean really hot look:

did you see that? 100 degrees! ONE HUNDO! What.the.freak! I know what your thinking...."that's nothing" but let me remind you that I live on the coast, in a beach city...not the flippin' mojave! 100 is not normal....not here...not with leather seats! OUCH....seriously!

My Rock sent me these beautiful roses to work for our Anniversary!

Awe!! I loves him!! When I got home he was like "what are those?" and I said "Ummm hello you sent me roses to work" dorkface... He said those aren't the ones he ordered...I guess they were supposed to be bigger?? WTF? I love them anyways, they're perfecto!!

I got my season tickets in the mail!!! Holla!!

I love, love, love My Chargers!! I love going to the games. I love tailgating with my friends and family before the games. I love when they have give aways and me and My Rock compete to see who can get more "extras" from the people handing them out. I usually win.

First Day of school....smack in the middle of Summer!

All the public schools in our town are on a new "modified schedule". So that means Monday was back to school day! My kids hate the idea of being in school already...I of course don't mind it cause it just means I don't have to hear how bored they are at home each day. Here are my little ones on Monday. I now have a 4th grader and 1st grader!! WOW!! My 10th grader was out the door so early on the first day I didn't even get a picture. :( She did it on purpose!!

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Look at Mr. Cooper trying to get a taste of his Daddy's "root beer". I mean he is holding that thing with BOTH hands! haha! Is he not the cutest 4 month old you know? When I see him in all his cuteness it really makes me want to have another baby. :o( It's not gonna happen...I know this and I'm glad to be done. But I'm a girl and the baby smell is toxic!! I need to be around Coop when is has poop! haha!

That's it for now! I'm working on a list of Projects I am hoping to get done this idea I stole from Amber so that I can be held accountable for my slackerness (my new word for the day).
Finishing that list is item #1! :D Until next time....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Weeklong Blog Fest of Love {A love letter}

My Love, My Life, My husband….

We have hit a big milestone in our lives…10 years of wedded bliss! Through all these years and all the changes in our life there has been one constant….you and our babies are the most important thing in my life. Each day I wake up and thank God that I have another blessed day with you. Sure there have been rough patches along the way, but the one thing that gets me through those rough times is your love. I can’t even begin to describe to you how intense this love I have for you is and as time moves on my love for you only grows. The love I felt for you as a girl of 19 when I walked down the aisle to meet you is nothing compared to the I have for you today. I had no idea then that the crazy love I felt for the boy waiting for me at the altar that day would fail in comparison to the love I have for the man you are today.
We’ve changed in so many ways since we were young and first fell in love. There are times that I don’t even love the person I have become so I am so grateful that you love me like you do. I love that I can be myself with you. I love your kisses and your hugs…I can’t get enough of them. When we are apart I ache for the moment that I can be in your arms again. I can’t let an opportunity to hold you or touch you pass me by because I don’t know how many tomorrows we have left. In all honesty, even if you told me we have an eternity of tomorrows to look forward to it wouldn’t be enough. Your love gives me hope that the best is still ahead. I have so many hopes and dreams for our future and for our kids. When I imagine my future, you are always in it. There is nothing in this world that I want more than having you to share my life with. I want our kids to grow up and look back on their lives as children and be fulfilled with all we gave them. I want them to know how much their parents love not only them, but each other as well. So that they can grow up and have strong, healthy, loving relationships of their own. I want to be an old wrinkly lady telling stories to our grandkids about how our love stood the test of time. And it will. Our love will live on for eternity through our children, our grandchildren and the generations to come.
Thank you my love. Thank you for being the wonderful husband you are. Thank you for loving me despite all my faults. Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with. Thank you for giving me the family I've always dreamed of. Thank you for the past 10 years, they have been the best...I can't wait to see what's next.
I will love you until the end of time.

Your loving wife,



Here are a couple more shots from our anniversary photo session. Thanks to everyone who stopped by this week! Thank you Blancita (Sinsemilla Photography) for taking our photos in record setting time...can't wait for the family shoot.

I hope you all enjoyed the Weeklong Blog Fest of Love!!

I love this man...duh!
We kiss a lot....
That is one gianormous flower!! We picked it right there by the beach.
We crack each other up! :D

See what I mean?

Here's to the next 50 years!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weeklong Blog fest of Love {Memory lane}

My blogger is not cooperating this post will just be a short trip down memory lane. Here are jsut a few of our best moments so far.
(short and random...just like me!)

Wedding day with my Grandparents
This is a big deal because my Grandma passed just 3 short months later after a long battle with cancer. She was sooooo happy and insisted on standing next to my Rock. She loved him.

Cake time!
Don't let the smile fool you...I was mad. We spent hours on that make-up. My brother dared Rocky so I can't blame him. We don't back down from dares!

The arrival of our first born-Baby B
Here we are waiting for our c-section. Apparently he thought he was a doctor and was checking my "progress". Hello!?! There is a human trying to make it's way out of my body!!

Leaving the hospital with #2 (My little Rock)
He was soooo happy to have his boy! I was wondering how we made a little white baby. two halves due in fact make a whole!! :D

I just like my shirt in this picture. This is from our first season being ticket holders. We are BIG Charger fans. We love out tailgates.

DISNEYLAND! We used to go each year for B's birthday...haven't been for the last 2 years. Time to start the tradition back up.

Our last trip to Disneyland for B's birthday in '05

This picture cracks me up cause you'd think it was the artic and not SoCal!

Gina's Graduation from 8th gradeThis is our most updated family picture even though it's from a year ago. We're taking more soon...I promise!

That's it for today...sorry I couldn't post more!! Tomorrow concludes the Weeklong Blog Fest of Love!


P.S. There aren't any pictures of me having Gina cause I wasn't there. *GASP!!* I'm not her "BM" just her Mommy! She asked me to be her Mommy when she was 3 and My Rock and I were just dating. I'm glad we all decided that would be a good idea cause I totally loves her! :o)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weeklong blog fest of Love {How do I love thee}

There are countless reasons why I am so in love with My Rock. I couldn't list them all if I tried....but I'll give you some of the little things....those are the ones that count after all. :o)

He's a Freakin' All-Star when it comes to any sport. However, we regularly play softball...and boy does that man know how to play. I love playing on the same field as him every Friday and I love the times I can just watch him from the stands. I love hearing people say "dang whose that at short" or "don't hit it to that guy, he's got a vacuum for a glove". Better recognize! haha!
Look white men can jump..or at least half white ones can. crap...that wasn't very bad. Anywho check the pic yo...told you he is an all-star. *Swoon*

He makes the best pancakes in the world! Seriously...they are the bombdotcom. I don't know what he does to make them so good. So good in fact that I don't even care that he can't cook anything else. He'll even randomly make breakfast for dinner. One of the family favorites.
(by the way grilling does not = cooking...right?)
I seriously never get tired of seeing this picture. It's a blog classic!

He gives our family & friends free haircuts in our garage. No he's not a "professional" persay but he does a damn good job! Plus he hooks it up gratis. It started because he cuts his own hair...and people would give him props then ask him to hook them up...sometimes they bring him special 'thank you' gifts.
cough *beer* cough :o)
Here is my favorite cousin "aka weekend kid" getting his mop of hair cut off. Thank God!! :D
p.s. see how he always wears his wedding ring...I love that too!!

He opens doors for me...still! Yeah even my car door to get in or out. If he is there and there's a door to be opened he does it. This drives the Heathers' nuts because I'm so used to having my door opened for me I tend to pause by doors no matter who I'm with and wait for them to open it. haha! I'm working on this I promise! He's also taught my little Rock to do the same for the girls in his life. :o)He was opening the door for me when I got home from work and was wondering why I was taking a you know honey!

He reads my blog- All by himself...I didn't have to ask him to...or give him "special hugs" or anything. He just decided he wanted to be awesome and read it. Or he could be wondering why he was getting egg jokes texted to him by random friends. He's not signed up as a follower....yet. Baby steps.
This is how I found out he reads it. He mentioned our "hook-up" story. Guess my gangsta look still draws him in! hahaha!

He picked me!! Out of all the girls in the world he chose to spend his life with ME!! He picked me to wake up to every morning, he picked me to have his babies with, he picked me to love! Gosh he's a good picker!!
I told you you'd get a wedding picture! And yes my eyes are closed. It's how I roll.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weeklong blog fest of LOVE (the BF/GF anniversary)

12 Years ago today My Rock and I decided to make it official and become a couple.

We don't do anything special on our Boyfriend/Girlfriend anniversary...but we acknowledge the day that we decided we didn't want to date anyone else but each other.
Since we are friends...I'm gonna be honest. I was way ready to be his "main squeeze" way before he was ready to commit to that. So what does a girl do when the guy she has her eye on isn't ready to make her his one and only? She dates other guys of course!! Since My Rock and I were "just friends" I was sure he didn't mind hearing about all my fun dates with other guys. (Yeah I play dirty!)

So when I said yesterday that he "kinda" ask me to be his girlfriend...that's exactly right. There was NO romance for that occasion. I'm pretty sure it went like this: "So why don't we just get together then?"

And the rest, as they say, is history! hahaha!!
Here is a picture of us together when we first started dating

Please keep in mind this was 12 years ago!! (stop...I can hear you laughing from here!)

This is after we hit the one year mark.

Yes another crappy picture...which makes me sad cause I want you to be able to see how far I'd come! WAY better hair and make-up! oh and we love each other here...see the hugging? :o)

Rock-I love you so! Happy BF/GF Anniversary Love!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weeklong blog fest of LOVE (How it started)

In honor of our anniversary week I am hosting a
So get ready for some cheesey semi-romantic ish.
It's not a fairy tale love's our love story! :o)

I was 16 and a sophmore in high school. My bestest friend in the whole widest world, Tina, was dating a guy (we'll call him "tony") from a "rival" high school. She was all twitterpated and I was bitter because my boyfriend was far, far away.

Tina and I did just about everything together. So naturally all the pictures she gave to her boyfriend were of the two of us and our shenanigans (yes even back then). So one day Tina calls and tells me one of Tony's friends saw my picture and wanted to meet me. I had a boyfriend so I was not interested. It was this picture in case you are wondering....

Sorry it's blurry...I'll find a better one later. It's back when I was a "G"...I'm on the left.

So then one day I'm hanging out at Tina's house...sad because the college boyfriend is up to his old tricks and hasn't called in weeks...yes weeks. She mentioned her Honey coming over to watch a movie and I could care less sitting there in my sweats and messy ponytail. When "Tony" walks in he is followed by this cute jock looking guy. He looked over at me standing near the kitchen and I said out loud "I love him". I cracked up laughing and Tina's reply is "you guys are so gonna get married".

We talked for hours that night and exchanged phone numbers. We talked a few more times....but I had a boyfriend and Rocky was pretty cocky. (lame joke but so true). So I stopped returning his calls and eventually he stopped calling. Every few months he would ask about me (fine I asked about him too) and a couple of times he'd even call and we'd chat. He was a nice guy, but NOT what I wanted in a boyfriend at the time.

Then almost a year later...3 days after my "heartbreaking" break-up with the college boyfriend Rocky called. We had a fun conversation and he totally cheered me up with out even trying. We'd talk on the phone often and every once in a while he'd come over and we'd hang out and watch movies. We were great friends....I didn't need a boyfriend.

A few months later he went with me and my friends to Sea World....our first "unoffical" date. We watched the fireworks....he held my hand and I thought I was gonna pass out. I couldn't felt like the fireworks were going off in my heart. *Swoon*. That was it...a few days later (July 21, 1997) he asked me (kinda) to be his girlfriend and I said yes.

A few weeks after making it "official" I accompanied him to his cousin Richard's wedding. I sat in the back and looked at him standing next to his cousin at the altar and thought...once day he'll be standing up there waiting for me. Tina's reaction to our second date ever being a wedding..."I'm tellin' ya guys are gonna get married".

On our one year anniversary (July 21, 1998) we went to the beach by Sea World to watch the fireworks. We sat in the bed of his truck all snuggled up enjoying the show. Right before the big finale...he gets up onto his knee and pours his heart out to me. This is a BIG deal for My Rock...he's not a man of many words...and then he asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes and he slipped the ring on my finger.

One year and 3 days later we were married in front of 200 of our friends and family.

July 24, 1999

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pee Water and Found Egg

She won my first contest!!! She is allllll the way in New York...and I is jealous. I've always wanted to go to New York . When I finally do I'm calling her up cause we are going to eat ice cream together.
Her lame prize is that she is going to be featured on my sidebar next week during my Blog fest of love!! Plus she'll always be known as the winner of Alice's Shenanigans first contest...I mean who doesn't want to be known as a winner forever and always? Just be glad the prize isn't Pee Water...on to that....
I have the day off tomorrow!! Woohoo!!! 4-day weekend...Holla!!! How am I gonna spend my fabulous time away from work....
The Lazy river is my fav...cause I'm Lazy like that river

E'ry year my kids, my sistah's kids and exclusive invited guests (ok who ever decides to join us) head to Knott's Soak City - Best Water Park in all of Sunny Diego!! It may be because of the crazy Pacific Spin or the family ride Coronado Express or because it's the only water park in the city...does it really matter?
Look at all the fun stuff to do!
So we do it up...spend all day there and even rent a cabana so we can pretend we're fancy people. Having the server bring us food and drinks like we're the ish...cause for that day we totally are.

I mean look at these people's happy faces! Don't they look fancy?

So last night BFH Alex (BFH=Best Friend's Husband and yes I call him that) came over to drop some stuff off. He hung out and chatted with My Rock and I for a hot minute. **forgot to add...My Rock isn't going with us because he works so we've been giving him a hard time about it** Anywho, When BFH left he said to me: "See ya Thursday...we're gonna have so much fun". To which My Rock responded "Yeah have fun swimming in Pee Water!"


I'll be spending my Friday taking multiple showers all day long.

Look kids it's a Giant bucket of Pee Water!!!What could be more refreshing on a hot day?

So what is My Rock's punishment for getting the image of me swimming in pee water in my head? Funny you should ask....................

I've been having some trouble sleeping lately...I don't know why. Last night was one of those nights. My Rock was snoring away next to I started to rub his back and then this conversation occurs:

Rock: "we found it"
Me: "found what?"
Rock: "the egg"
Me: (giggling) "where was it"
Rock: "Right here" (proceeds to shake his booty)
Me: (holding in my laughter) "You had an egg in your butt?"
Rock: "YOU have an egg in YOUR butt"
Me: (laughing hysterically) "why would I have an egg in my butt?"
Rock: "sshhh!"
Me: (can't stop the laughter my side hurts)"don't tell me to sshhh!"
Rock: "Baby please, Sshhh!" (back to snoring)
So I "sshhhed" and laughed into my pillow.
Good Night My love...we'll find the egg again tomorrow!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheer me up please!!

Do you ever have "one of those days"? When you're just blue? I'm having one today. I. is. Sad.
So let's have a contest so I can pretend I have like a million and one readers.
Where are you from? Who is the furthest away from Sunny Diego where I am? You might win a prize. In fact you will. It might be a lame prize, but winning is winning!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things I think are LAME-O

So I read Sarah's funny post and laughed that my obsession of texting and using my ghetto fab slang misspellings are things she thinks are lame :o). Then I read Lauren's post and was like yeah I'm way lame in her eyes (loves me pedicures long time/reality MTV is the ish). haha!

Ladies....I hope we can still be blog friends.

sooooo here is my list of things I think are lame-O.

1. Clothes on Dogs.
Um hello...they are dogs. Not little hairy human people. Don't get me wrong I love my dog (despite his issues) but he's not a person. Jus' sayin'

2. Hoochies at Sporting events. Yeah I said it! It's a sporting event...not a night club! The players aren't gonna see you and fall in love...they're busy! Although it is funny to watch you fall in your 4 inch heels hiking back to your car after the game. Thanks for that at least. haha!

3. Unblended eyeshadow

Just looking at this picture is irking me. It's a great application...eyebrows are why oh why didn't they blend it upwards? When I see this I want to ask if I can please blend it for them.

4. Vanilla Scented anything

Yes I realize it's a popular fragrance...I still think it stinks. Yeah seriously I do. the only vanilla I want to smell is vanilla cupcakes baking in my oven. YUM!

5. Women who answer the door like this Fresh From The Shower

Especially when MY Rock is knocking because he's there to install your new service...sure it "totally slipped your mind" that you have a service call in. I will find you and I will not be nice. Have some self respect.

So my list was kinda lame...but it's all I could come up with today.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I told you he had issues....

Besides the fact that my son thinks Buster is a horse. My Dog's issues continue.

Yeah Buster struts his stuff when My little Rock does this. Like he is a show pony. haha!

So this morning I'm in the shower when I hear what I can only describe as doggie screams coming from my backyard. They weren't barks...they were bloody murder torture screams. I thought that maybe our neighbors little dog somehow got in our back yard and Buster was um... "lovin' it long time".
But it wasn' was this: Buster had somehow managed to get my make shift plant holder attached to the ring on his collar where we hook on his leash. He was choking himself trying to swing the thing off his collar. So what does super doggie mommy do? Well I throw my nightgown back on and run to the rescue. What does Buster do? He runs from me of course! So here I am soaking wet, in my nightgown (and NOTHING else) yelling "Stop! I'm trying to help you" and yes I realize he doesn't understand but I still am freakin' out. So, I finally hold him down long enough to get the thing off and he proceeds to lick my toes in gratitude.

Once my adrenaline stops pumping I realize what my neighbors could see if they looked out their upstairs window to see what the rukus was about. I dashed back into the house...but yeah I'm pretty sure I saw their blinds move....
I wonder how My Rock is gonna react tonight when I tell him we're moving.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're halfway there....

oooh ooohh Living on a prayer! :o} (Bon Jovi is/was/is the ish)

So I happened to glance at my calendar today and saw that it's July 1st. What the freak!?!? 2009 is half over already? Where was I when this happened? I'm not ready...really I'm not! The last 6 months of the year are my busy months. Where I have NO free time...none ya'll!

What keeps me so busy? We'll I'll tell ya!

1. Cheer- yeah cheer. I'm a cheer coach for my B's cheer squad. Call me a stage mom all you want...I so am! I had no idea how much work went into cheer until she came home and asked to cheer with her friend from next door. Our lives haven't been the same since. You should see this girl work out...puts some football players to shame! :o) We practice Tues-Thurs and have games every Saturday and not just hers...we also get to run to her brothers flag football games; because of the age difference they aren't on the same team. Lucky me! I see many of my cheerleaders throughout the year and love when they yell "Hi Coach Alice" across the school or at the grocery store. I'm proud that I've touched their lives. B is the one in the middle holding up the flyer (girl on top) yeah she works out, no biggie. 'Cept she is holding a whole other person in the air with only a back spot! Holla!

2. Chargers Football-E'ry Sunday (yes we go to church too...relax!) we are either at the Q tailgating in D4 before the game or at home getting ready to root the Chargers on...yeah they can hear us through the TV! Don't even trip! This year My Rock and I have a goal to hit one road game...maybe Kansas? Some people think I'm a "football fan" cause of My Rock..pssshh I've ALWAYS been a CHARGER FAN...I could care less about other teams...I was raised right! :o} I follow my favorite players on Twitter...Shaun Phillips is the ish...I'm just sayin'!

Part of our Familia from D4 after another Charger victory!

3. Softball-Holla!! Friday nights I get together with La Familia (team name and they are family in so many ways) and we whoop on other teams that are crazy enough to take us on! Okay we lose a game here and there...but it keeps us on our toes. I am not naturally athletic so I stuggle a bit, but I really do love it and give it my all. Plus I LOVE watching my Rock play, he is so good...I'm a little jealous. All our kids are out there cheering us on...I love that we get to reverse roles every once in a while.

Yeah that's not a picture of me...but her name is Alice too so it counts! oh and I can's slow pitch softball mind you. :o}

4. I'm a Mom yo! - I got 'sponsibilities...I take care of the hubby, the kids and the home...oh yeah and I work full time. I was just telling my friend HG that growing up I wanted to be so many things doctor, attorney, would change all the time...except for one thing. I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be a Mommy. They really are the reason for my existence. I'm so lucky to have the kids I do. They inspire me and challenge me to be a better person every day.

They're all done up fancy for Halo's quince. Gosh I love them!

5. Freelance Make-up artist- Okay so this doesn't keep me THAT busy...but when I have an opening in my crazy schedule, I'm fillin' it with a dance or a wedding or what have you. I love doing make-up and if I could make real money and still have my weekends to spend with the kiddos I'd do it full time. It's like playing dress up. Want me to do you up? Holla at cha girl!

This isn't the best representation of my work since it's an "after the sweaty dancing shot" but it's all I had on my phone.


HG just sent me this picture...she thinks my make-up was awesome this day..she didn't say that...I just know it cause that's why she sent it. haha! It's from the No Doubt concert when I went wild with purple.

So, in no particular order that's me...that's my life. Now you know...if my blog isn't updated too'll know why.

Oh but wait...It's what's around the corner?'Member? You 'member!

It's on a I was thinking of doing a weeklong tribute to love. I will definitely be posting some photos from the wedding. So get ready to laugh!!