Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day Happies (life update)....

I'm coming back I promise.  I mean I gotta keep my one reader (Hi friend!) happy! :)  Also, how will I get spam comments if I'm not adding new posts? 

Here is a quick update on my life:

Still at the "new"'s been 6 months and I'm still not happy.  I love what I do and the company I do it for....I am just not enjoying who I have to do it with. ya know? 

My kids are keeping me busy with their sports and I love it.  They are both kicking a$$ at school too.  They are so easy.  please don't ask about the oldest....we'll get to that next time.    

My husband is awesome.  He has been working his tail off so we can pay our debt off quickly.  By July we should be credit card free.  HOLLA!!  We've been going on dates regularly too.  I freaking love that man!

We're also planning a trip to Hawaii in December (without credit cards!).  I'm so excited!  This will be hubby and my two little ones first trip to hawaii....hubbs first time on a plane!! seriously. poor guy.  My mom is coming with...her first trip to hawaii too.  We're gonna have so much fun! 

I am thinking about writing a book.  if Brandi Glanville can do it so can i! :)  I'm going to look into taking a writing class.

I honestly think peoples lives would be easier if they just listened to me when I give them advice.  I have two "little brothers" (hubbs brothers) who I want to shake. HARD.  Maybe my book will be about them and called "stupid is as stupid does" hahaha!! Or I should thank them for proving to my husband that he made an AWESOME choice in his wife. :) 

Have I mentioned I hate proof reading?  yeah. sorry that I'm not sorry.

Until next.....Adios!