Friday, June 29, 2012

Fitness Friday Week 2 Link Up!

Anchors Aweigh

Week two of the Fitness Friday Link up.  Hosted by Shannon and Sean Marie

Week 1: - 0 lbs lost
Total lost since 6/22/12: 0 lbs

I ate better for 1 day.  That’s it. ONE f'ing day.  I didn’t go grocery shopping.  That is the main reason.  I can’t eat healthy if I haven’t yet bought healthy.  My goal this week is to take my a$$ to the damn store and buy good food!!

I’m using Shannon’s questions because I’m Lazy busy and they are good! 

How many times I took my lunch to work this week: 2 (Department lunches are killing me!!)
Lunch or Dinner out:  2 for lunch and 2 for dinner (I was too tired to cook last night and tonight is dinner with the girls after magic Mike!)
How many days I worked out: 3…well 4 if Saturday counts for 2 days cause that mountain was a BISH!
What work out I did: I hiked up Cowles Mountain with my Bee, Heather and the Diva on Saturday. Our at home mini work-outs with my Bee.
This week's triumph: I made it to the top of the mountain despite the heat and every fiber of my being telling me to quit!
What can I work on next week?: Making my lunches the night before!!!! Picking up healthy snacks to bring to work.  Menu planning!!!!!
Favorite meal or food this week: Watermelon with Tajin and lime.  LOVE.  LOVE. LOVE.  And I love that the seedless watermelons were on sale at Sprouts for $0.88 each.  Yes I bought 4.
Weigh In: I didn’t weigh myself before I started… I don’t feel I have really “started” yet.  I’ll be sure to weigh myself tonight.
Total Lost since 6/22/12: NADA!!! ZIP!! ZERROOOOOO!!!  (loser face)

Bee and I at the top of Cowles Mountain. It's not official until you touch the sign . :)

Ms. Bee                                    Me

 This is the view looking to the west.  Is is so beautiful up at the top. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

In need of some magic in my life...

This week has been a whirl wind.  (is that the saying?)  I’ve been crazy busy at home and at work. 

Here is my schedule for shiz and giggles….
5:45 Wake-up
Don’t ask about this gap…you don’t want to know. :D
6:10ish Get in Shower
6:30 hair, make-up, get dressed
7:00 Get in car and head to work
7:30 arrive at work (if SoCal traffic cooperates)
4:00 sing hallelujah and head home
4:30 arrive home and pick up Bee for tumbling, drive to tumbling
5:00-6:15 sit and chit chat/ read while Bee tumbles
6:45 arrive home from tumbling, immediately remove contacts and bra.
7:10 start dinner
9:00 wrap up dinner/pack my lunch for next day
Since it’s summer I have no homework to check, planners to sign, so I get to “relax” for 2 whole hours.  Here I try to squeeze in some Jullian Michaels’ or a walk or sex.  You know something to get my heart pumping. 
11:00pm Head to bed

So to say I am looking forward to the weekend is an understatement. :D 

Mostly I am looking forward to this:
Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, AND Matthew McConaughey as STRIPPERS???? Holy hell!!  I may pass out!! 

My friends from High School and I get together on a monthly basis to have a girls night.  Tomorrow is that night.  We will wine, dine and enjoy some FINE!!  I can't wait!! 

Hasta Mañana!! ADIOS!!! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

F-It! It's Friday!! I can be Happy and Sad!

I dropped my baby boy off at the airport yesterday evening. :( He is off to visit my sister in Nebraska for a few days and then they are all headed to Lake Okoboji! He loves going to the lake with my sister and her family.  My brother in law, Gary, and my son are best buds.  Gary is in a house full of women for 351 days a year, so when my son visits they get to do "man stuff".  My  other sister, the one that lives here, flew with my Lil' Rock and her son to Kansas City, which is the closet airport to their small town.  I know he'll have a blast but I'm missing him something fierce!  Not to mention my hubs who now is stuck in a house full of chicks (on the same cycle) poor, poor him! :D
 I got this text from my sister last night when they landed.  He is sooo excited! 


I've joined another link-up.  YAY!!! I love all these link ups and the fantabulous bloggers I get to met in the process! 
This one is hosted by Shannon at Anchors Aweigh


I NEED to lose weight.  Like really need to lose weight.  Not like the skinny biatches that gained 5-10 pounds and can't fit into their size 2 jeans anymore.  (yes, I may be a little bitter)

I need to lose about 80 pounds.  Yes, you read that right...80 POUNDS! Yes, I do realize that is the weight of a 10 year old child. 

The hardest part is that I'm a "instant results" kind of person.  If I can't see instant results then it's not working and I give up.  Joining this link up, I'm hoping, will hold me accountable.  The only way I am going to do it is with hard work so I needs to get my ass in gear.  Wish me luck!!!

until next time.....ADIOS!!!  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Real life soap operas

Do you remember when Soap Opera’s used to be so popular?  Everyone had their favorite.  General Hospital, As the World Turns, Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live, even Passions was popular for a blink of an eye.  It’s said that reality TV killed soap operas.  I’m here to tell you that is a lie.  Facebook did it.  With the candlestick.  In the library.

Why would you sit in front of your TV to watch fake made up drama when you can log into Facebook and see real life drama right before your eyes? I mean yes it’s irritating to see all those “gym” check-ins, we’ll just call those the commercials.   

Yesterday was one of those days.  I couldn’t believe the drama unfolding right before my eyes.  It was shocking at first, then funny, then sad, then back to shocking.  I know it’s not nice to be all up in someone else’s business…but hello!?!?! THEY put it out there for the WORLD to see.  (all posts have now been deleted, but that doesn’t mean screen shots sent via text to friends don’t still exist. Just sayin’)  I don’t think people realize that once it’s out there….it’s out.  There is no going back and pretending it didn’t happen. 

The saddest part about all that happened is that their kid got involved.  It always breaks my heart when kids are in the middle of their parents’ drama.  Part of me thinks the posts that were coming from the “kid” are really written by the mom.  I don’t know what’s worse.  Either way, it was bad all around.
In a nut shell, the dad cheated on the mom with her friend.  The kid put a picture of the “friend” on FB and told everyone she was a home wrecker and lots of other colorful descriptive words.  Lots of comments were made on the kids post by adults.  It was a hot mess.

I still don’t understand why people feel the need to put ALL their drama on Facebook?  Why would you pretend to be your child and post non-sense? Or worse yet, why would you not monitor what your child puts on facebook?  The world may never know…unless of course you put it on Facebook. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Spicy Father's Day

I love to watch cooking shows.  I’ve made an actual recipe from a cooking show maybe twice :(   Yesterday I tried my hand at another one and it came out pretty good.  I’ll be making these again.

We went to a Father’s Day pool Party at my Bestest Friends house.  There was going to be some macho Dads there who like their food like they like their women….HOT! :)

My first attempt at Stuffed Jalapenos Wrapped in Bacon

First I rinsed off the jalapenos and put them directly on the grill.  You’ll have to flip them a few times to make sure they get cooked on all sides.

While those are charring on the grill I mixed up the stuffing.  You can use whatever suits you, but I went with cheese.  I mixed Mozzarella with a pinch of salt, pepper and a little bit of oregano.  I don’t ever really measure stuff out when I cook.  Weird I know.

 Once the jalapenos were all charred up I made a slit up the middle and a small one at the top (like a small T) to make it easier to remove the seeds (which are what make a jalapeno HOTTER).  I used a small spoon to scrape all the seeds out.

Then I stuffed them generously with the cheese mix.  They get wrapped up so don’t worry about over filling. 

Then I wrapped them up in bacon.  In hindsight I would have wrapped them tighter and used 1 and ½ pieces of bacon per bite.  I forget how bacon shrivels up when in cooks. 

 Then I put them back on the grill.  A lot of them caught fire and there was cheese coming out of some of them.  I really think wrapping tighter is the key.

They smelled delicious!! Once they cooled a little bit I cut them in half to make them more like poppers.  They were spicy!!! The half that were closer to the stem were the hottest.  Maybe I missed some seeds.  Oopsie! 

 They were a HIT!! The Dads loved them and so did everyone else.  
Let me know if you try these!


Friday, June 15, 2012

F-It! It's Friday! (e-card edition)

It's Friday!! My desk looks like it's a Monday.  So today I'll leave you with e-cards that cracked me up this week.  ENJOY!!! 

This is so very true in my life.  But just wait until I get my new updated versions.  haha!! 

I couldn't have explained it better! 

This week especially.  

I have someone who wears this to work.  
I want to print this out and leave it on their desk. LOL

Seriously, how do you NOT know? 

I seriously look at their total travel time and I'm like...
"bet I can cut that in half!"

This weeks winner: 



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day Happies (adventures of dating a married man)

I love Wednesday.  Hump Day. I mean who doesn’t like a good Hump?
What makes you happy today??  We all know what makes us unhappy right?  People tend to focus too much on the negative so for one day let’s just focus on the Happies!

I went on a date with My Rock.  It’s nice to hang out without the kids once and awhile.  We don’t have a structured routine.  No “every other Friday we HAVE to go on a date” cause then it’s more of an obligation rather than a fun night out once in a while.  Plus it’s cute when he calls me on the phone and acts like he’s really nervous to ask me out.  I love that man!  

We went to our favorite pizza place.  It’s legendary in our town. When we go with our kids we usually sit in the new “café” addition where we spend $50 on game cards so they can play arcade games all night.  This time we sat at the bar spent that $$ on DRANKS! :)

I had 4 of these. 
It’s called a “michelada” they are quite popular in our neck of the woods.  It’s made with lime juice, salt, ice and beer (Pacifico or Corona work best IMHO).  That’s it.  There are different versions of this drink.  One popular way is to add Clamato.  It’s like a beer bloody mary.  I prefer just lime, salt and ice. 
I’m easy.  

Then a couple of buttery nipples. 
These are so damn good.  Butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s?  Yes please!! 

 If we are going to be friends you need to know how to take a shot.  You gotta tilt your head back and finish it in one SHOT.  That’s why it’s called a "shot" and not a "sip on this".  Just sayin'

Eventually we ordered one of these and it was freakin' amazing as always
We also had had some hot wings and fried calamari before we started drinking to "lay the base" if you will. :) 

The chick that sat next to us was amazed by my purse hook.  
I mean really?  Who hasn’t seen these before? They are $5 at Ross go buy 20 cause they disappear all the time.

So what made me happy this week?? My Rock, pizza, beer, and hooks.


Friday, June 8, 2012

F-It! It's Friday!! (letter edition)

Dear exclamation points,
I love you!!!! I know I use you to excess, but I just can’t help it!!!

Dear friends,
Would I keep you away from something you love?  Please don’t be bothered by my crazy use of exclamation points.

Dear Shell Gas Station,
If you can sell gas to me for $0.20 less per gallon after I accumulate 100 points on my Ralph’s card and still make money, why not sell it for that price to begin with and I’ll have that  much more $$ to spend at Ralph’s.  I mean you know I get there mid month anyways.  Just spot me the points….you know I’m good for it.

Dear children of mine,
Please don’t turn me into “that” mom.  Just eat the damn vegetables already. 

Dear big sister,
Sunday is your birthday.  You will be 39.  They say 40 is the new 30.  They lie.  Enjoy the last year of your 30’s.  Let’s go have some Margarita’s in Old Town.
                                              My sister and her drunk face.  :)

Dear everyone,
You must have one of these margaritas if you are ever in my hood.  Just let me know when you are in town and I’ll meet you there! 


Monday, June 4, 2012

Commencement Shenanigans

Last week was a blur.  With the Holiday, two graduation ceremonies and two parties I’m not sure how I survived.  I think it will take about 2 weeks for me to recover from all this.
Tuesday my weekend kids got “home” and I was thrilled.  They stayed at my house and as always it was a good time.  We tend to stay up way too late when we have something important to do the next day because we are smart like that.  We went to bed around 2:30 am when we had to be up by 6am.  Told you we is smart. :) 
Wednesday at 9am was Angelina’s graduation from high school.  HIGH SCHOOL!!  I can’t believe how time has flown by.  She’ll be attending the community college that is in our backyard, literally.  She wants to do hair.  I told her to give me two years there and if she still wants to go to beauty school she can.  I think it’s fair.  It’s not that there is anything wrong with being a hair stylist, we’ve had many in our family.  It’s that she is indecisive.  One day she wants one thing, the next day it’s something else.  Either way this is just her "beginning" and I know she'll do great things!

My Familia (look at my twin Rocks, how cute!)

Thursday we had B’s promotion.  We were by far the loudest family.  Not surprising in the least.  She struggled this year with balancing grades and being cool.  I’m not too worried about this one, she’s a smart girl.  That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna watch her like a hawk, because I am.  She’ll continue to make us proud. 

B and her teacher 

She is ready for Middle School.  I'm sure we'll have our challenges (she is my mini me after all) but I know we'll make.  I don't know why people think babies are so much work.  Maybe they've never had teenage daughters?  

Me and B at the graduation party my brother had for my nephew (they were in the same class how lucky right?)

Saturday Little Rock had a play-off game and a party.  It was chaos.  We were all sun burnt for the party but it was a BLAST.  The DJ played a GREAT mix of music, my dessert table was empty and I had 7 extra bodies asleep in my house Sunday morning.  Good times were had by all.  I have tons of pictures to share but have had NO TIME to do it.  I will have to do an entire post of pictures soon.  From Angelina’s “food Poisoning” pictures where she is passed out on the bathroom floor because of something she “ate” at a party to the hooker girl that wore a see through lace dress to an elementary school promotion ceremony.  Until then…I’ll leave you with Rock doing the “tootsie roll” with two beers in his hand.  Now that’s talent.   
The picture is blurry to protect the innocent :)