Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Dog has issues.....

Don't let him fool you with his cuteness...this dog is a pain in the booty! Lemme tell you why:
  1. He has a crazy toe fetish! If you go near him in flip flops (which I forever am wearing) he will lick your toes!!! Lick 'um like a lollipop!
  2. He SNORES!! (Really this one should be #1 but since I just had my toes licked it was fresh on my mind)
    Anywho he snores like a grizzly bear and I hear him ALL night. Seriously, does breathe right make those strips for dogs?
  3. He is a hump- a- lump. If you give him even the slightest opportunity he will love you long time!
But he really is cute isn't he? And he loves us....that's why I can hear him snoring....he has to sleep right outside our bedroom window. Okay fine I love him...there I said it! Geez!

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