Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WTF Wednesday

So, when I asked Alice if I could be a guest blogger with my own column, I immediately claimed Wednesday. Why? Because a good title needed to be considered and you can do so much with a "W." Plus, Wednesday is HUMP day and now I get to say that every week if I feel like it.

WTF. I originally wanted to just do a rant every week on something I think is stupid, because you know there's a whole lot of what I think is stupid, but I also realize WTF can stand for lots of other things, so my Wednesday dribble will vary and not always be a bash on what’s ticking me off for the moment..

Since it’s almost Thursday already, this will be a brief one.

WTF (Wednesday Top Five)

This week’s Top Five is for Toys of Our Youth:

1) Cabbage Patch Dolls – some had silky hair to brush and style, some had a little tooth, some were bald, and all of them were a little ugly; but if you were cool at all, you had one (or more) and proudly displayed their “birth” certificates – your slice of parenthood without the dirty diapers or sleepless nights.
*For the record, I was the devoted mother to Kristina, Felicia and Donna Sue. Although, now I think they’re boxed up in the garage. Don’t call social services on me – they’re over 18 now!

2) My Little Pony dolls – pretty ponies that smelled good and we could groom. Plus they had cool things painted on their butts.

3) Transformer’s – me and the bro were playing with these things before Shia LaBeouf was even born. Anyway, nothing beats the originals – the new ones these days are freakin’ complicated and it takes me forever to transform them. Dang it.

4) TIE: Pogo Ball/Hula Hoop – I fell on my ass so many times with the pogo ball, I had to show off my mad skills with the hula hoop just hold my head up.

Psst: That’s not really me!

5) GI Joe Action Figures – Also fun to play with, especially with our blanket forts, but I’m still pissed that my brother never let me use Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow. Jerk.

All right, ladies. What did I miss? What were some of your favorite toys growing up?

Anyway -
What did you think of this type of post? Want something different? We aim to please...


  1. Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Bright! They were the bomb diggity!

    On another note...what's up with your GI Joe guy wearing flip flops? ha! He rocks the flip flops even to fight in a pretend war! I so would too!

  2. I know I played with those too. There were a lot that I wanted to put on, but then it would have been a Top Ten. Legos and Popples almost made it onto the list too.

  3. LEGOS!!! You could get 10 of those bucket-o-lego things for Christmas and still not have enough. Plus they were great booby traps ... leave 'em on the floor and you hear people yelling from anywhere inside (or outside) the house.

  4. Hey Alice, i want blogging rights too!
    I love your WTF Wednesdays, Heatzi...but what kind of rich little girl has THREE cabbage patch dolls? My sisters and I were the proud mothers to our ONE shared doll. Oh, to be young again...

  5. See, thats why I like you Hannah! You're keeping it real! I had ONE cabbage patch...she was a newborn one...baaaabeeee...(have I always had an obsession with all small lifeforms?)


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