Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am ashamed....

My head is hanging in shame. I can't even look in the mirror at myself. I can't even type it....let alone say it out loud. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.
I. lost. him.

I still can't believe it. My heart hurts. Look how happy we were just a few weeks ago!

Paramore/No Doubt concert shenanigans

Oh the memories......He hung out with me at work

He opens my car door for me

Such a gentleman!

He even drove me home

It was after my accident...I still had the rental and he was worried

He pours me wine

tryin' to get me liquored up!

Went on a road trip to Beverly HillsHis favorite part of town

Went shopping

He was singing "you can have whatever you liiiikeeeee"

Honestly though...I refuse to believe I would be so careless as to LOSE him!! I mean yeah I've lost each of my kids at seperate times in their lives...but this is my Eddie for goodness sakes! I'm really thinking this is a C-O-N spiracy! In fact, I've compiled a list of suspects.
Suspecto #1 - My RockI mean look at him in MY apron! Yes I made him wear it...then blogged about why wouldn't he want the perfect payback right? Then we all remember the incident we don't speak of...the roll of flying paper towels when Eddie was Chillaxin' in my bamboo plant?

'Nuff said!

Suspecto #2 - The twisted Sister (on the far right)Look at her all non smiling in this picture with her "comadres". I mean I know it was midnight on a workday and we were 2 hours from home at a hospital in Newport Beach...but it was a photo op!! Ya'll 'member her butter drawer hide n seek game right?

As if it bothered him...I mean he can't get any cooler than he is! (pun intended)

Suspecto #3 - "B" The Mini meI mean c'mon! everything about this picture is suspicious! Don't let her innocent face fool ya! I know her mama!!'s come to my attention the shenanigans below were actually HER doing! Ya think you know someone.....
How'd I know? Cause across from you is my empty chair with my purse on it...I sat across from you all many times I gotta tell ya kid? I'm the smartest in the familia! (seriously if you ask anyone in the family they'll even get that question wrong)

So be on notice....I am on to you! I will find him and when I do.....revenge will be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

(que scary music)


  1. *giggles* oh the horror! sorry friend..maybe in B's was show & tell day in class, what's cooler than Edward right?! ;)

  2. omg this is a catastrophe!!! im calling the FBI, the national guard and the army as we speak!!! its law and order time cousin we will find who took your precious Eddie!


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