Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love my Daddy!!

So I've been a little blue....Sunday was hard. I feel like I cheat my Rock from his day because I am sad that my fabulous Daddy is no longer here. The man I married is wonderful because he understands why I tear up seeing other kids playing with their grandpa's. He knows I hurt because my poor babies don't have that. Oh how he would have loved them!
I know, without a doubt, my Dad is looking down on us and laughing his butt off! You were right Daddy...now that I have kids of my own...I understand! :o}
I love you and miss you terribly each day! I hope you had a great Father's Day!
My Mom and Dad on their last Colorado vacation together
July 1998


  1. Omigoodness....you made me really tear up over here. Hold on...I have to blot my eyes before my liquid liner runs....
    I truly have no words or a good comment for you. All I can say is that I am sure he's proud of what you and Rocky have done together.

  2. hey Alice - it's Gwen! I just saw that you're following my blog (thank you!), so I'll soon be stalking...uhh, following you, too. I heart your blog and your crazy Cullen addiction! ;)

    I also wanted to say how much I love this post. Father's day is just as hard for me, especially now knowing he'll never meet my little girl. It will always be a bittersweet day, but my heart always warms when I think of the good times we shared. I know our dads would be proud of us, our accomplishments, and the families that we're raising.


  3. Thanks everyone!! You guys are the bestest!

    I know the last thing my Dad would want is for me to be sad...but it's a little difficult because my heart aches for him. I really do hope he is proud of me!

    HI GWEN!!! Love all your pictures!! One day I'll have you take ours!


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