Friday, October 30, 2009

Go, Fight, Win

This Sunday is it. Our big Cheer competition. My girls moment to shine for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. All our hard work from the last 3 months will be put to the test. Have you seen the movie Bring it On? Well real life cheerleading is just like that.
This is my most stressful time as a cheer coach. This is the weekend I quit each year and say I'm never doing this again.
This is why I come back each year and coach:

B's Cheer picture from last year. This year's picture is in...but she looks like a teenager and I'm not ready for that yet. :D

She LOVES to cheer. Loves it. So I deal with the stress and the drama and the tears each year for her. She works so hard at it too. Even when I'm not there telling her "one more time and use facials!" I hear her in the shower counting away...and playing the competition music in the car on repeat so she can visualize the routine.

I also see her frustration when her stunts don't stick or they have to start over because someone wasn't counting or wasn't paying attention. She is quite competitive that little B of mine. She pushes herself and others on her squad to do their best. Don't get me wrong...she is also pretty quick to mess around and roll her eyes at me. I mean I'm just an old coach lady...what do I know.

But when it comes down to it...I couldn't be more proud of my baby girl. I love watching her perform. I love seeing the smile on her face when she is on the floor. I also love to see the smile on her face when they win big.

So pray for us if you can. Pray that all our hard work pays off. Pray that every single stunt hits and my girls get that first place trophy!!

I'll tweet all about it on Sunday. :S

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  1. Lots and lots of prayers!!! Good luck!

    Happy Halloween!!!

  2. GOOD SKILL GIRLS, I'M SURE YOU'LL DO AWESOME!!! Aww's like when we were Captains in Color's rubbed off on our children now LOL! Who would have thought?! HAHA!

  3. Good luck!! I hope all your hard work pays off!


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