Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

I can tell you what I'm not happy about today....3rd place. Yeah TURD. I know I have to stop being could be worse. We could have been the 4th place team that sat on the mat after awards crying their eyes out. I'm just a little upset that my girls sooooo did NOT do their best. Maybe it was just an off day...oh wells...on ward and up ward from here!

*Please note that I just got a text from my Rock that said "Baby I love you with all my heart body and soul" I'm swoooooning. Swooning ya'll!! I love him and his random text messages. He has made this Hump Day that much more happy! Now back to our regularly sceduled post....

On top of being the head cheer coach for our Jr. Pee Wee girls, I am also the cheer director for our association. So I oversee 4 cheer squads. Out of the 4 squads 3 of them placed in the top 3 of their divisions. Whoop whoop!! We are moving on to the West Coast Championships in Tucson, AZ. So we get another shot at that first place trophy.
That makes me happy this Hump Day. A trip to slow week. heehee! This picture also makes me happy:

It's a long standing tradition that each year at cheer comp the football players attend and present the girls with flowers after they perform. This year we had the biggest turn out of football players ever. Those boys were loud and proud...not to mention fighting over who gave the flower to what girl. I'm sooo not ready for that. :S

What's making you happy today?



  1. YAY GOOD SKILL IN TUCSON!!! What's making me happy today is that I'll be in VEGAS starting tomorrow and through out the entire weekend!!!!

  2. Though it wasn't first, third place is pretty kick ass! That is something to be proud of! Oh well, there is always next year! As long as they enjoyed themselves, that is all that matters!

    Today what is making me happy is surviving a week from hell regarding school work and going to the Daughtry concert tonight! Woot Woot! 8)

  3. WHat makes me happy is Jasmine Milk Tea with boba from TapEx....or Watermelon for old times sake! Miss you long time, Supermom!


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