Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hump Day Happies...

I have been MIA and I am sorry!! My home computer SUCKS!  Each time I try and do a post it freezes and I have ZERO patience! Z to the 0. (no patience for e and r) ha! 

RANDOM post again!! 

Okay so I couldn't miss my VERY first HUMP DAY of 2010!! 

So what made me Happy today?

1.  I went to Bingo with Mi Mama, My sister and My Bestie.  We are all jobless....for various reasons so we made a day of it.  We were the highlight of the Bingo Hall.  Seriously, the bingo caller told us so.  Of course we were the only ones there under 80...Senior Wednesdays.  who knew. :D

2. I sat on my computer and saw that My Rock had been looking at this:


Please Lord let it happen!  I would figure out a way to make that baby make me some $$. :D

3. My TWIN wrote me a love letter.  Or a letter of Love.  Or...well I gots a letter!! whoop whoop!! Check it out here. Love you TWIN!! 

That's all for tonight cause I is TIRED! I promise when/if I get a MAC I will do a VLOG. Whoop whoop! Everyone pray!! 



  1. You crack me up. Senior Bingo? Awesome! I will hate you slightly if you get a Macbook, only because I want one but I am too poor. Sigh. I will love you for doing a vlog! 8)

  2. I hope you get that computer! I have that little guy and I love it! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Senior bingo?! Hi, you rule.

    Send me his email! I will write him and tell him how much you need that computer in your freaking life!

    I love you! Glad you like your letter!

  4. We'd be computer twins if you got a white macaroni. And everyone knows only cool people have white macs. LLLLllllllooovvee you! =]

  5. A mac would be so awesome! I think that'll be the computer I get when this one poops out on me.


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