Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

I Like my hump day happies because it makes me think about the positive stuff that is going on in my life...even when I don't feel too positive.  It's good times really.

I am happy that my friends for over half my life made it to my PAR-TAY* on Saturday.  I've known these girls since Middle School.  They rock.

Drea, Me and Sher Bear.

*I will go through the rest of the pictures from the various photographers before posting more party pics.  I am hoping there are more pictures that don't include me playing beer pong, taking shots, dancing with my hands all up in my hair or dropping it like it's hot.  Cause please trust that I can drop it like no ones bizness. :D  I would hate for you all to get the wrong impression! haha!!

I am happy that my body finally feels better from the 4.5 hours I spent on the bathroom floor on Sunday morning....hugging the toilet. Yes I was irresponsible and got hammered. But that was way back when I was in my 20's.  I know better now. :D  

This is WAY before it got bad.  I still have a bit of a smile on my face.  I was able to put my hair up in a bun on my own too.  Thanks My Rock for capturing this magical moment.

I am happy that my lovely sister, my kiddos and my weekend kiddos (including the poor innocent Alexis) broke into my home at Midnight on my birthday to surprise me and shower me in rose petals and balloons.  I'm sorry I wasn't prepared and "surprised" you all back in my sexy PJ's. hahaha!

My hallway floor after the rose petal and balloon shower.

I'm happy that HG is the Mexican Betty Crocker and made me a bomb a$$ cake.  Isn't it beautiful?  The waitress at Shogun dropped a plate on it (see at the bottom?) and I'm pretty sure HG almost shanked her....lucky for the waitress there were only chopsticks on the table.  The cake was moist. heehee.   

I'm happy that in less than 34 hours I get to say goodbye to 2009 cause she's been a real bitch.  Yeah I said it. I'm allowed. I'm 30 remember? :D

Here it is for the last time in 2009 (dude we're starting a new decade!!)



  1. Awww I want to see all those pics! Sorry you and the toilet had to spend some time together. As long as you enjoyed yourself up until that point, that is all that matters!

  2. I want to see those pictures. Asap!

    Hi, you are stinking beautiful and I want to steal your face!

    When you celebrate 31 I insist on being invited. I can drop it like it's hot as well my friend...why? Because we are twins.

    Happy Birthday! I love you long time!

  3. Yay! Looks like fun.. and it's almost time for another year full of MORE fun, 2010!! :D

  4. Yay I'm glad you had an awesome time with friends. Sometimes good times are worth the next day aftermath. Plus that cake looks awesome and I'm a little jealous!

  5. @ uhski....thanks for the compliment on my delish cake!! it was sooo good, if i do say so myself!! white cake w/ chocolate frosting in between and whipped onto Alice!

    once again - happy 30th...i also want to steal your face! fact, that might be my new saying...cuz "TWSS" is sooo 2009.


  6. I find it hard to believe you're 30..because you're way pretty!



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