Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a thin line....

  The line between love and hate is super thin....when it comes to my iphone.  I have loved it more often than I have hated it. it froze.

  There was no quick reset this time.  We had to do a full on re-boot.  Being the lazy busy lady that I am, I hadn't backed my phone up in about 3 months.  So I lost over 1,000 pictures.  No lies.  1,000 ya'll!  What the heck?  How did I manage to take that many pictures?  I have no clue.  But they are gone.  Alls of thems.  Including my fun food tutorial pictures I took cause I was too lazy busy to get out the real camera.  So I am sorry that I made a promise and didn't keep it.  :(  
To cheer you up from what I am sure is complete and total devastation head over to It's a Love Story where the absolutely adorable Alexa Mae is having a giveaway.  I love me a good giveaway.  I don't ever win mind you...but it won't stop me from trying!! :D


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  1. (((GAAAASP))) they're gone?? all of them??? **Tears of resentment towards iPhone** poor you! i'd be devastated!


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