Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shake, rattle and roll....

Easter was wonderful.  The family was all over at our house for delicious food, swimming and egg hunting.  It was a beautiful day.  Up until the shaking started.  The 7.2 magnitude Earthquake was centered about 114 miles from my house.  It felt a whole lot closer.  Within minutes my well trained children were under the kitchen table with their backs to the windows.  They even brought Buster in from the backyard.  I wish I had a picture of the 7 kids and 1 dog crammed under the table in their Sunday best.  It's funny now...when it was happening it was a little scary because we didn't know how bad it would get. 

The rest of the day was filled with aftershocks and I was nauseous from all the swaying.  It felt a little like being on a boat.  The waves in the pool were pretty cool though.  Wish I would have videotaped it.  
Monday morning there was an aftershock at about 4:15am that was strong enough to wake me up.  Last night eating dinner another strong one...then another strong one at bed time just to remind us.  They just keep coming and I'm over it. :D 

Here is a picture to give you a little bit of an idea how much shaking is going on. 



  1. Wasn't the earthquake crazy?! I was even further away from it than you and got a pretty good shake out of it! You're right though.. it's so scary when it happens, because you don't know how bad it's gonna be. It could just be a tiny quake or it could be one big enough to bring down buildings.

  2. that Earthshake was one of the strongest in a LOOOOONG time! it was actually kinda scary! and really? no pic at all of the kids/dog under the table?? darn it!!

  3. Happy Easter! And I am glad that yall are ok!!! I can not imagine what an earthquake would feel like...

  4. Oh and I grabbed your button 2! It is so cute!

  5. How frightening Alice! That sounds just awful. I've never experienced an earthquake and I just can't imagine how scary that would be, esp on Easter.
    Glad you're doing ok thru it, and thanks for that Twi-Easter-Card below!!

  6. Oh goodness that is crazy! Yikes. I hope the swaying stops! No bueno.

    Um. I miss you. What is going on with you?! Email me please!

    love you! Stay safe!


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