Monday, April 23, 2012

My boy is 9 and we're party animals

My little Man turned 9 years old on Saturday so we had a busy weekend.  It started on Friday when he received an award at school for being responsible.  Funny thing is, my responsible son....he forgot to give me the notice so I could be there. :(  I cried in my office, I've never missed an award.  But he had his Nana, aunt/Godmother, uncle, cousin and sister there to cheer him on. :)

Saturday he had a baseball game.  This kid loves baseball, or any sport for that matter.  He plays outside from the moment homework is done until I call him inside for dinner.
Swinging for the fence!

Then in the afternoon our house was full of family and friends who came by to help celebrate his 9th Birthday.  The party started at 3pm and the last person left at 1:00am.  Yes we have 10 hour parties at our house.  :)   

He said he had the best birthday ever.  Nothing makes me happier then seeing a smile on his face.  He is the most loving, caring, honest kid I know.  He's hilarious and athletic.  He loves his sisters and cuddles his mom.  He's the very best parts of me and my husband all in one.  9 years ago he came into the world booty first and hasn't stopped showing it off since!! 

Happy Birthday My Little Rock! 


  1. Congrats on having a respoinsible son! 10 hours sounds like a party to me!


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