Friday, April 27, 2012

F-IT! It's FRIDAY!!!

My Friday posts will be the most random posts of all randomness.  F-it, it's Friday!

I don’t get fancy for work.  Is that bad?  I just don’t have the energy most days.  I wish I did and someday I might.  There are about 50 employees in the office I work in, only 8 are girls.  Let’s be honest…boys don’t care what you wear and I don’t feel like waking up any earlier to impress 7 girls.  I like my sleep.  Since today is Friday I knew traffic would be light so I took an extra 8 minutes to run the straightener through my hair.  I wore a color other then black, gray or beige.  The ladies were impressed.  I didn’t realize how low the bar was set.  I need to step up my game 
I tried to rotate this picture a million times.  F-it.

I tried on some cute as hell shoes a few months ago, but I didn’t buy them because I was being responsible before my Hawaii trip.  When I went back a few weeks later they were gone.  L  I found them! I’ve ordered them! It cost me $20 more but I didn’t care.  I WANTED them.  Now I’ve realized I have no idea what I’ll wear them with or when since I don’t get fancy on the daily.  They sure are going to look cute in my closet.

This is my screen saver at work.  Each time I look at it I remember our  Kiss handshake.  Everyone asks if he licked his lips for me.  Helleerrr?!?!  So thank you LL for not killing me. I shall stare at your dimple for all eternity…or until I have to move my mouse.
Watch Hawaii 5-0 on Monday.  I may be in the foot chase through the International Marketplace. Or the scene could have been cut.  I shall still have the memory.

I love this.  Both my weekend kid and my mini me posted it.  We are so alike it’s scary.  We tell no lies.  Just sayin’.



  1. Cute shoes and I love that Facebook thing!

  2. I am required to get dolled up for work...I would like to work somewhere where it wasn't required. I usually wear bright colors, so that wouldn't be a prob ;) Those shoes are soo cute!


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