Monday, September 16, 2013

When instagram takes over your life

7 Months?  Wow!! I can't believe it's been 7 whole months since I wrote a blog.  I'm gonna go ahead and blame instagram.  I think it's the lazy mans blog.  You can post updates quite quickly and only have to come up with 2 or 3 witty hashtags.  Easy!  :)  Follow me on Insta if you want to search me up because for the life of me I can't link to it. :(  my user name is alice_shenanigans. 

Life has been SUPER FUN lately!!  We are now just about debt free.  No more credit cards, just the car payment but we decided not to rush to pay that one off.  

In June I started a health kick.  I've been eating right and working my tail off...literally. I still enjoy my favorite foods just in moderation.  I'm down 4 sizes and 30 pounds and it feels soooo good!  I look back at old pictures and can't believe I ever let myself get to that point.  NEVER again.  

We are about 80% certain that we won't be going to Hawaii this year after all.  It makes me pretty sad....but we worked so hard to get out of debt.  We need to build a bigger cushion before taking any fancy trips.  

That's it for now....I can't promise I'll be back regularly, but I'll do my best.  Please be prepared though because a lot of my posts will now be about my healthy lifestyle as I've found posting about it keeps me motivated! 

Until next time....


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