Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random smiles on my phone

I take lots of pictures on my phone. Too many really. I have 631 pictures on my phone right now. No joke...631. So here are some random pictures from this past week of things that made me smile.

My medicine cabinet fell off the wall and tried to kill me. Why did that make me smile? Because I lived! You failed medicine cabinet!! To top it off My Rock brought out his drill to secure you back where you belong...he's sexy with that drill in hand. So thanks for not killing me and thanks for giving me a reason to watch my Rock work his drill.

I left this mess in the sink all day. I was late to work. Magic elves cleaned up while I was gone. (ok it was my Mom...she comes over e'ry day and I usually find something cleaned or cooked)

I worked at my annual carnival at my church. We ran the bean bag toss and made $700 in two days for the church. Not too shabby! You know what else is great...all the Meshican food that surrounds us when we are there. Tamales, Pozole, Tacos, name it, it's there!

This is a picture of "Senora Madrigal's" Infamous enchiladas. Seriously there was a line around the side of the parking lot waiting for these. They were soooo worth it!

I went to see No Doubt again...They rock so hard! Gwen is freakin' awesome and I am seriously girl crushing on her. I went with the bestie Lizzy this time and we had fun wandering the parking lot afterwards looking for our ride. If my phone had flash I would have soooo many more hilar pix to share. :( This was our view from the lawn where we enjoyed Panic at the Disco and the beginning of ND's set. It really wasn't bad. No one tried to start a mosh pit this time either.

This is where we ended up. Almost made it to the front. Next time!

I finally rocked my new hat. In the car on the way home from work. I'm not sure why it was in my car...but it was a nice day so I opened the windows and sunroof and enjoyed the traffic jam. Threw the hat on to keep the hair outta my lipgloss.

I LOVE hats. Love them and my new sunglasses too...but seriously I need more hats.

Breakfast sandwich maker extraodinaire Kevin...see his cool name tag? :D Kevin works in our new cafe in our shining new building. I visit Kevin at least twice a week...I don't ALWAYS get something off the grill...but when I do he hooks it up. I also know who he is crushing on so it's fun to mess with worries I can see him as he makes my food!
Look at this's a beaut! I can feel my arteries clogging just looking at it.



  1. MB and ET would've made us eat that heart attack everyday!

  2. I'm super jealous you got to see No Doubt and super, duper jealous that you look so cute in a hat. I can't pull off wearing a hat if my life depended on it.

  3. ((((((LMFAO))))) @ classic alice. this is why we love you loooooong time.

  4. i want b-fast sandwich. mmmm... my appetite has been out of control lately, so that pic was rly the last thing i needed to see!
    i <3 your sunglasses, and i'm jealous that you saw No Doubt AND Panic at the Disco!
    but i'm not jealous about your medicine cabinet attacking you at close range. rude.

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  6. mmmmmm I cant stop looking at that breakfast sandwich... mmmmmm (scrolling up....and down)... Ok Im full.. HA!!! :)

  7. Love your blog! Its so cute!


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