Monday, August 10, 2009

somebody call 911, shawty fire burning on the dance floor

Okay so there isn't a fire on the dance floor, just the parking lot of my work...but I can't stop singing that song when we talk about it.
When I was walking back from the cafe I noticed a comotion at the I did what any good HR person does (not cause I'm nosey of course) I went to check it out. And there was a FIRE!! Not a big scary one...but big enough to make us nervous. It's fire season and we're in fire land. Big time. Luckily some fast thinking peeps made it out there with extinguishers in time to knock it down off the hill a little until the heros came.... I love fire trucks.
Like a dork I only grabbed my sandwich (I just paid $6 for it geez) and my drink and headed outside with everyone else when the fire alarm rang....and forgot my phone on my desk. Luckily for me (and U) Carla had her phone with her so I wrestled it from her to take a couple of pics.

We take fires serious in these's so dry right now they spread like....well like wild fires. :D

It was like a party in the parking lot.

I'm happy because the fire is out and we are safe!

The fire was the most exciting thing that happened at work in a LONG time. Anything exciting where you work? Fires? Twisted love triangles? Do tell!

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