Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

I'm struggling with this one today because I'm in a BAD mood!! I feel like going home sick and hiding in my bed under the covers. But instead I'm here, staying strong.
I have this secret weapon I use to keep me motivated. It's rather personal...but since we're friends and all...I will share. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. Does that make sense? It reminds me that my everyday actions and attitudes affect those around me. If I give up...I make ok for those who look up to me to think that giving up is an option. It's not. So instead I keep on keepin' on!
Here is my secret's an e-mail from one of my "weekend kids". She wrote it in class one day in a "quick write" and then sent it to me. So I've kept it and I read it on days like this when I need that extra push.
Journal #8
The most influential person in my life would probably be my cousin Alice. I have always grown up looking up to my cousin and wanting to be just like her. She is very pretty and super smart. I do not know anyone who articulates themselves better than her. To me she is the picture of motherhood. When my mom died she took up the challenge of helping to raise me. She was the one to teach me about being a woman and was always there to listen to my boy problems. My cousin is so funny and everyone likes her. Her life is not perfect but I respect how she overcomes everything with poise and grace. My cousin competed in a beauty pageant and because of that I got involved in pageants. In high school I was so happy that I was a senior standout and that I made top 10 for homecoming court just like her. I can not wait to have a husband like hers and have beautiful kids just like hers. I love my cousin and I hope that one day I will have everything she does. Since I admired her all of my life, it drives me to be an admirable person for her daughter to look up to. My cousin has taught me the value of hard work and how love can change your life. She is my biggest fan and is always proud of everything I do. She is dependable and I love that no matter what happens I can always go to her house to escape. My cousin is one of the greatest people I know and she will always be the most influential person in my life and I hope one day I will be the most influential person in her daughter’s life.
I loves her so. can't even imagine. She is an inspiration...always has been. I'm not going to write anything else about it cause I'll get all teary eyed and this is supposed to be Hump Day Happies for goodness sakes!
What makes you happy?
What motivates you when you need that extra push?


  1. i got teary eyed reading that. i do admire how you're family is so close, some families, like mine don't stay that way through the most important times. you are one of a kind!

  2. That was beautiful. You are lucky to have someone look up to you like that, and she is super lucky to have you in her life! It's awesome that you have that to read whenever you need to. 8)

    When I'm down, the things I turn to are music because you can never go wrong... my cat because her purring makes everything peaceful.. and my niece because her hugs and kisses make the world a better place. And when times get really rough, an ice caramel macchiato with extra caramel from Starbucks always helps!

    Hope your day gets better! Smile and remember, only 2 days left until the weekend!!

  3. awww! I too got teary-eyed.

    I thought today was Tuesday, so your post alone is making this a better day. I usually turn to friends on a hard day (and posted on it vaguely this week). They keep me going.

  4. That was so sweet & true! What motivates me you ask? My daughter. All the suffering I've gone through in my all makes sense when I look into her eyes. My daughter, all the way! Have a blessed day friend!

  5. wow that was amazing!! you are very lucky to have such great people in your life. i hope your day got better or today will be better than yesterday. =]


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