Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hump Day Happies.....

Don't judge.  I have a new addiction. 

I know what you're thinking....Bingo is for old ladies.  You are right.  When we are there we are surrounded by old ladies....and old men.  It's great times.  We hang out, have coffee and a great breakfast for $5 and play Bingo for 2 hours.  Every once in a while one of us yells "BINGO" and walks away with $300 in cold hard cash and dirty looks from all the peeps around us who were 1 or 2 numbers away.  It's great times I tell you.  But you have to go with a fun group.  It makes all the difference.  

The funny part is we've made it a habit of going on Wednesdays which is 'Seniors Day' because my mom gets a free donut and orange juice.  They call us "girls".  When we come in they say to my mom "Hey brought your girls today, Hi girls!".  Sure beats going to the supermarket and being called ma'am.  :D


  1. i loved playing bingo with my gramma! it's fun and not old lady at all.

  2. umm can i get in on this?? you know wednesdays are my free day!!

  3. Bahahaha. Seniors bingo? O Lordy. At least you are having fun!!

  4. I happen to love going to bingo! I even have my own dabbers haha


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