Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hump Day Happy - [Fall TV]

You know what I'm happy about today? Fall TV is almost back!!!

Oh dear sweet DVR of mine...get ready to earn yo keep sucka! You's gonna have a busy few months. You won't be sitting there with nothing but Days of Our Lives (shhh don't judge-I mean Nicole has Sami's baby and is rasing it as her own and EJ thinks...forget it!) and Family Guy reruns. You get to record REAL TV!!

Here is a run-down of the shows I am addcited to. I should be embarrassed...but I'm not! I am a TV junkie...good show...bad show...who cares it's TV!! :D

1. Grey's Anatomy (9/24)

The cliff hanger was great...I was sitting there screaming "It's O'Malley!! Hello!! O'Malley!!" So we know he's not gonna make it...I mean it's a given he has been trying to get off this show for a while now. The question is...will Izzy go with him?

I'm sorry I can't understand you mangled man...I'm getting married today!

2. The Office (9/17)

A Baby! She's gonna have a baby!! Will these be another reason for Dwight to grease up a watermelon and practice delivering a baby with Michael? I sure as heck hope so!!

How cute is their kid gonna be...I mean seriously!

3. Desperate Housewives (9/27)Okay Yes the show is kinda whack these days...but I still like to see the random Susan Shenanigans. I love her and Mike together...we were robbed of that I say! Mike is getting married again...but to who? Crazy #1 or Crazy#2?

Excuse me are making it impossible to see the hair color of the bride and um...I need to know now!!!

3. Private Practice (10/1)

I love Addison...but she kinda sucks on this show I mean fur realz...didn't she learn anything from the last time she got caught having an affair? I am disappointed! Seriously. But HELLO! Pyscho baby stealer alert!! Who didn't see that one coming? oh yeah...ME!

I couldn't get this scene/image out of my here you go get it stuck in yours. that B!#tch is CRA-ZEEE!! She is Fur realz with her "I will cut you!" Someone save Violet!

4. 90210 (9/8) this show is sooo lame and trashy and I'm hooked! It started because I LOVED me some OG 90210..this one is way more dirty! These kids are doing things they shouldn't even know about!

Adrianna has been a child actress, drug addict, traded sex for drugs, rehab, pregnancy, baby adoption and she is only like a sophmore! What.the.freak!

5. The Hills (9/29) I Love LC...and she is gone. Will I still love the Hills? Who knows. But I wanna see what Kristen brings to the table. This maybe my last season. (and theirs too!)

P.S. I'm SOOO over Heidi and Spencer.

6. LOST (freakin' 2010!) I LOVE/HATE this show!! It makes me wait super long time to get a new epi!! There's Locke and the "Un-Locke" and the 3 toed statue and the smoke monster...what is going on?? Not to mention the hottie Richard Alpert. Guyliner or Manscara? I don't care you is hot!
But NOT as hot as this guy....

Hey there grouchy...I can make you happy...fur serious.



  1. Umm hi I'm glad we're soul mates. I'm not HUGE on the others but I like them but am in LOOOOOOUURRRVVVEEE with Grey's and The Office. Hello. Best television programming out there.

    That is all. =]

  2. make me want to watch Private Practice...really?? she really said "I will cut you"?????? no way!!!!!! how freakin' skerry is that???

  3. Uhh, yeah, my DVR may possibly die from being over programmed. It started last night with ANTM (which, btw, is chalkfull with straight outta the looney bin biznitches this year) and SYTYCD. And of course, there's thursdays on NBC. Love, love, love The Office and Parks and Recreation. Oh, oh...and The Hills, The City, and The RW/RR Challenge return! *le sigh* Damn MTV and their grip on me! They know how much I love this crap!!!

    In other TV news - do you watch ABDC? If so, are you as severely let down with this season as I am? I mean seriously; I am an angry mess sunday nights because of this bs. lol

  4. I'm convinced that God himself came up with the idea of DVRs. LOVE DVRS! I'm so super excited for the shows to come back.

    Grey's Anatomy is the best. It should be an interesting season. Private practice killed me that season. That ending?! I screamed at the TV. Same for Desperate House Wives! I gotta say I'm a Mike & Katherine fan personally. Thank God Dave is no longer. What a freak. LOVE the Hills, but I'm scared to watch it without LC. The Hills is my guilty pleasure show. It's so stupid but so good!

  5. I didn't even list all the dang MTV reality I watch...that would be too embarrassing! haha!

    I haven't been watching ABDC..this season has been a let down. Now I'm getting recommendations for even more shows...True Blood?? There's been like a million tweets about that ish! Can I just say that I LOVE AT&T for their 4 shows at once DVR? And not only cause the installer was hot! don't worry he's me!! HOLLA!

  6. So you'll believe Tweets and not me? I've told you guys about True Blood since last year!! I see how it is... Anyway, my shows this fall are True Blood, Entourage, The Office, Supernatural, and Glee (love this so far!!).

    I stopped watching Grey's because I couldn't stand Izzy and I never liked Private Practice. Sorry, friend. But I am curious about what happens in Desperate Housewives. I watched the first episode for Vampire Diaries and, while the storyline is different, it just seems too much like Twilight. The jury is still out, but I don't want to overkill the vampire stuff while anxiously awaiting New Moon.


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