Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

I'm happy for many things today.

1. Today is my last day at work before a nice little 5 day break.

2. We'll be on the news again tomorrow morning. If you are in Daygo...tune in to watch...Fox 5, 7:40am. (or DVR it)

3. We leave to Tucson on Friday morning for the West Coast Championships. Think happy thoughts!
But mostly I am happy because of the hotness that is Jacob Black! I know he is 17. I know that is jailbait. I know and I can't stop lookin'. I must repeat to myself "His 17 will get me 20, his 17 will get me 20"

Yes, yes, I am Team Edward still. But I am not dead. Dang! Can't a girl just swoon? (and moan and lick her lips and dream of him looking at me like that?)

I mean look how sad he looks in the picture above. Don't you just wanna kiss him, lick him, hold him?

He is on a mish in this picture. And I wanna help him. Help him get outta those wet clothes. He could catch a cold for goodness sakes!



  1. You win! 5 day breaks are always amazing.

    Jacob to hot for a 17 year old. I feel dirty...but his abs are. just. so. defined. and hard. and lickable...

  2. suh-lay-urp. yep...arrest me officer. cuz it hurts so good. LOL. ok...enough perving on a young 'un. good luck to (your) cheerios. have a safe trip. happy thanksgiving...and i miss you already! lunch next week?

  3. I don't feel that dirty, I mean, 3 years isn't bad. My brother is 3 years younger than his girlfriend and so when Taylor and I get married... I mean... me looking at him isn't a big deal.


  4. Oh, Taylor. So hot. So beautiful.

    "His 17 will get me 20..." hahaha!


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