Friday, November 13, 2009

I want to thank the academy...

I got my first blogger award(s). Yippee!!

I am following her lead and am combining the two. No biggie. We're just that good. Just sayin'

The rules for Kreativ Blogger are:
1. List 7 things about myself others might not know.
2. Award 7 people with the award.

The rules of the Honest Scrap Award are: Divulge 10 honest things about yourself. Then pass the award on to 7 bloggers who you believe will be 100% truthful!

1.) I really have written our my Oscar acceptance speech. I did it in high school, found it years later...laughed about it, then wrote it again. Gotta keep it updated just in case. Now all I need is to be discovered so I can put it to use. It's the perfect combo of funny and tear jerking.

2.) I have my lisp because I didn't have my 4 front teeth as a kid. My parents didn't want to send me to school looking silly so I had dentures. Seriously. I started kinder with a set of dentures cause that wasn't as silly as missing teeth. I love my parents!!

3.) I'm scared of the dark and I can't sleep alone. I scare myself. So if My Rock isn't home then I sleep with my babies in bed with me (and the light on). When I used to travel for work I would share a hotel room with my boss, you know to save the company $$. On the few occassions I had to travel alone. I slept with all the lights on...and the TV.

4.) I can't go #2 anywhere other than my own toilet in my own house. There is your TMI for the day.

5.) I like to make out a lot. The good thing is that it's always with My Rock. I'm scared that I'm gonna be a old lady all full of wrinkles making out with My Rock. Sounds gross when I put it that way. Actually I hope it happens. I hope I never get tired of making out with My Rock...even when we're old and toothless. hahaha! Seriously!

6.) I have the mind of a 16 year old boy. I can make the most innocent statement into something dirty. It's a great talent actually. Sometimes I share my pervertedness with others...sometimes I just giggle to myself.

7.) I hate running into people from high school. Unless they are those select few who I've kept up with through the years. Cause odds are I won't even remember you. As a matter of fact this past Sunday we had some people over after My Little Rock's football banquet. There was a mom who came over and apparently went to high school with me...she didn't mention it the whole time. Her husband mentioned it to my Rock. Awkward.

8.) I'm jealous of moms who get to stay home with their kids. I'm seriously bitter about it. My Rock has told me before that I don't have to work...but in reality I do. There is no way I would let him bust his arse so I can be home while the kids are off in school anyways. He already works too hard. Plus I love my car and getting pedicures and going out to eat...I'd have to give that all up and I'm too selfish.

9.) I have a secret list of what I would buy the people in my life if I won the lotto. Even people I barely know. I have at least a little something for everyone who has touched my life somehow. I'm not gonna buy everyone a car or anything but like surprise tickets to Disneyland or a new BBQ. Fun stuff.

10.) I collect recipes and I never make them. I wish I had time to try new stuff and I wish my family was willing to eat my experiments. But I don't have the time and they don't have the courage.

So there it is, all this nonsense about me, out there for the world to it's your turn!


  1. You so sooo welcome! And of course, we are that good!

    I too collect oodles of recipes and never make 99% of them... but I keep telling myself that one day I will! Haha.

  2. *Sigh* You'd think that a couple of these came directly off of my top 10--if I had already created a top ten!
    #8 makes me sad, tho. I miss eating out everyday for lunch and making silly but fun justifications for why it was okay. Oh, and I miss my lunch buddy...and her MB...and her randomly shocking statements! *double sigh*


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