Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Birthday Club.....

Awesome people are born in December.  I mean it's just a fact.  The babies are cuter too.  My mom told me so.  

When I was doing my daily blog surfing I noticed that Uptown Girl had this:

Apparently she is an adorable December baby as well.  She wants us all to RSVP for her month long birthday celebration.  I'm all about month long celebrations.  But seeing as how I have many people I love born in December I must include them all.  

So I am RSVPing for the celebration of  

My Baby B*
My Sol*
Jesus (yeah THE Jesus)
Me!!! *

Isn't that a lot of Birthdays?  I told you December was awesome!  Are you part of the club?

You have 26 shopping days left until my BIG B-day celebration.  I'll work on my wish list now. :D

* - We are the M Family Trilogy.  We are the cutest babies ever born to our familia and we are all 10 years apart to the month.  December '79, '89 and '99.  HOLLA!


  1. You crack me up! Although I must say...October babies are pretty darn awesome! Ya know...because that is when I was born! Holla October 1985!

    Yay! Happy early Birthday!

  2. December babies ARE THE BEST! Just by nature, we're amazing! My birthday is tomorrow. SO EXCITED!

  3. see, i always thought March was a bomb bday, Yesi's AND my twin brothers...and fyi - me and yesi are 20 years apart...and 18 brothers and i are 18 years like numbers sometimes.

    i already know what kinda cake im making you. yay!!!!

  4. oh yea! and i looooove the new've inspired me to change mine!

  5. I don't know., May babies are preeeettty kick butt! Not going to lie..

    I can't believe you all share the same birthday! How awesome! 8)

  6. That is pretty sweet, Happy Birthday to you all!!!

  7. December babies truly are the best!

  8. my momma's bday is this month. you share your bday with my bff, my sistah Princess, and remember mark?! December bday's are good, but I think I still beat sharing my bday with the most people. started blogging, but my stuff is too sad so far, gotta find a way to talk happy thoughts!


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