Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

This will be ANOTHER boring and random post!  I'm so very sorry!  You know with the Holidays and work and life...I've sucked at blogging lately.  I mean really sucked.  I will soooo make it up to you all, I promise!  I have plenty of upcoming shenanigans.  With Christmas and my Birthday and soon having no job to keep me busy. :D  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared of that last little part.  Cause I am.  It's what I wanted for a long be home with my kiddos and be a full time wife and mommy.  But it's scary to think of living on one income. I hope we can do it for a while.  

The timing is right too cause I'll be home to spend time with my sister.  My sister just found out she has cancer.  It's scary because we've lost so many we love to this dumb disease.  But my sister is strong, young and a fighter.  She will fight and she will win.  We have love and faith.  I was watching my all time favorite movie, Return to Me,  yesterday and I heard this quote "It’s the character that’s the strongest that God gives the most challenges to, so you should take it as a compliment"  It made me smile. God is amazing and I know that with our prayers everything will work out as it should.  

Now on to the Happies! 

My Rock put the Angel on our lopsided tree.  Can you tell where I stopped the lights and someone else started? haha. I love our big crazy, mismatched, ghetto tree! It makes my house smell like Christmas!

        This is Buster.  He is a pain in the bootay.  But he loves us and we love him.  He is an outside dog...but last night he came in..I think he knew I was sad. I love him.

She loves to cuddle.  We have "cuddle time" every night.  I worked late and came home to find I was replaced.  I didn't mind. They make my heart swell.

My Best Friend Lizzy is well...the best.  I couldn't ask for a better friend.  She is always there. To laugh with me or cry with me.  And to make sure I am having a blast at our tailgates before the game. :D

Speaking of tailgates...this is part of our "D4 Crew".  We all tailgate together before games. There are a lot of people missing in this picture. Can you find me?

Mas Guapo!! I love Christmas sing-a-longs at school.  I love that my Little Rock likes to dress up.  I love that he was so excited that he was ready 1/2 an hour early. :D  

This is a crappy picute of a picture.  I didn't scan it cause I am lazy.  It's from the 80's can you tell?  That's me with my Mom and my Daddy on New Year's Eve.  Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of his passing.  I still miss him like crazy.  But looking at this picture makes me happy.

Christmas is in two days!! YAY!!!


What are you happy about?


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I'll send some prayers her way. :-) I love that quote from "Return To Me," also. It's one of my favorite movies. I'm sure you will be blessed for staying home and taking care of your sister and your family. Being a stay-at-home mom is the best!

  2. I am happy about being home and being able to spend time with friends and family.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Yay :)
    Wish I could have met you at the game! Some other time though.

  4. Return to Me= bestest movie.
    So sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis. My brother was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago (now he is in remission) and it was such a scary time for us all. Def brought the fam together. Anyway, my heart goes out to you.
    and the Return2Me quote is so special.

  5. I have told you how sorry I am about your sister a bazillion times, but I want to say it again!

    She IS tough and will so kick that cancer's ass! Especially with you in her corner.

    I heart you. I am so sorry you lost your Dad. It is so hard. This will be my first Christmas with mine and it is feeling a little rough.

    I LOVE YOU bff! Take care and Merry Christmas!


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