Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hump Day Happies....

So I tried to post a blog from my phone yesterday (FAIL) cause the internets have not been my friend. I'm over it.

On to the Happies!!

We went Christmas tree shopping with the kiddos.  They loved it and we were out of there in less than 30 minutes. HOLLA!! :D

Here is our tree.  It sat light less for 3 days.  Then was 3/4 of the way wrapped in lights....then we ran out.  Bigger house + bigger ceilings = bigger tree = need more lights.  My Rock got them yesterday and finished up the tree for us.  He Rocks! (pun intended)

This is my best friend.  She is a beautiful person.  Inside and out.  I on the other hand am TIPSY in this picture.  Just sayin'

End of the night. I kinda remember taking this picture.  I loves him.

 Leaving the bookstore.  They love each other and I caught it on camera.

She is 10!!! Double digits baybee!!

What are you happy about?


  1. I'm happy about the shoes that just came via UPS! I ordered them for my berfday and now they're mine. Alllll mine. :-)

  2. I love your tipsy picture! You are one of those girls who looks good when they are smashed! I am one who looks like she has barely survived a freaking tornado when I am wasted!

    The hand holding picture is the cutest thing of my life.

    I am coming to SoCal and we are bar hopping together! Deal, bff?!

  3. Your pictures are so adorable and you look beautiful wen your tipsy. Consider me jealous. I think every picture I have of me after some drinks has my tongue hanging out. It's hot.

    Hahaha 8)

  4. Love all your pics! Thanks again for meeting me for coffee, I love you! Thanks for being there for me!!!!


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