Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Four Photographs

I just love playing tag! I love being tagged. And my New BFF, mah sista from another Mista, Alexandria tagged me. I feel oh so special!
So here are the Rules.

1. Choose a photo that makes you cringe like hell.

We look so awkward. Look at my Rock's face. Look at my fake smile. Look at my "plumpness". I'm glad the apron is hidding the rolls cause then I would be super duper sad. Seriously I cringed. 2010 will be the year of the Alice Makeover. I need to lose about 1,000 pounds and this pictures reminds me of that fact.

2. Choose two pictures that you could stare at all day long.
I Love my family. Dang we're a good lookin' bunch. haha!! Seriously I have this picture on my desk and I really do stare at it all day. Fake Smiles or not. They are my whole world.

Yes I've brought it up like 5 Billion times. I is in love with Jacob's abs. I could stare at them ALL day. I'm gonna blow up this picture and tape it to my treadmill....just outta reach so I can be motivated by yumminess.

3.Choose one picture that shows your dreams and aspirations, or that holds a place on your 'bucket list'.
I want to travel the world. Ok well not the whole world. But I do have a lengthy list of all the places I would like to go. I'll have to write them all out one day and get them in order so if my Rock ever wants to surprise me with a trip he'll know where to take me. Or if any of you want to take me on a trip. :D

4. Link four bloggers-and tell why they inspire you.
-Heather from HERE
Her Blog title is way long. :D She has a sidebar with the random comments I've made while out to lunch. I think half of them are made up. I can't be that bad can I?

-Sarah from Color Plaid.
She makes me laugh everytime I read her blog. She was my first "follower" who I didn't know in real life.

I miss her so! Her crazy ways and her laughs full of snorts. She needs to blog lots more so I can laugh and snort all day long. Plus she has the cutest baby eva. (Besides mine of course) heehee
-Amber from Amber's Inner Mind
This just in...We're December babies. Everyone knows that December babies are the cutest. Just sayin'.

Ready, Set, Go!!!!


  1. ummmm, sweetie?? yea...i could NEVER make up those quotes. never. i bow to you and your dirrtyness!!!

  2. Holla! What's up bestie?!

    First, shut up you are foxy! I do however love that your man has on a pink apron!

    Your family is beautiful! Srsly.

    Jacob's abs are beautiful as well...sorry I just drooled ALL over your blog!

  3. YAY! I'm going to put this on hold and do it tomorrowish because I have to study for finals but I WILL do it!!! =] =] =]

  4. Awesome! I will be responding shortly... :-)

  5. You have such a beautiful family! You are beautiful, as well :)


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