Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey! It's Okay....

Hey, It's okay to join in on the fun and do it's a Hey, It's okay post! :)
Thanks to the Whispering Writer for the idea!


To have had a little breakdown yesterday.  Sometimes I get tired of being an employee, wife, mom, sister, daughter.  Sometimes my boss, husband, kids, sister and mother all drive me crazy on the same damn day, not to mention Aunt Flo is due to visit any day now.  I just had to let it out. :)  I feel better now. 

To hate having to go in for my yearly exam at the doctors.  I have my appointment tonight and I really don't want to go.  Awkwardly making small talk as you're on your back all exposed.  I can't even think about it. 

To be completely unmotivated at work.  It's my last week here before I start the new gig!  There is a pile of work still on my desk to get through but all I can think about is my shiny new building. 

To be a little nervous about starting my new job.  It's like the first day at a new school.  Will I have friends? Will my new boss be as nice as my old one? Who will I eat lunch with? What if they don't get my jokes? ahhh!!! 

To be sooo happy I have a new little baby to play with....but get to hand back to her parents when I'm tired and ready to go to bed. :)  I love me some babies but I also love that I'm done with that part of my life.  

Until next time.....



  1. I hate my yearly spread 'em exam too. I would really worry about any woman who doesn't!

    A couple we are close to just had a baby last week and I LOVE having a newborn around to snuggle and love and hand back at the end of the night! We met him in the hospital last week and we are going over Thursday with another couple to take over dinner. I can't wait to snuggle him up again!

  2. I hope your new job goes well. And I'm glad you are feeling better!


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