Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hump Day Happies...Life update

I love Wednesday.  Hump Day. I mean who doesn’t like a good Hump?
What makes you happy today??  We all know what makes us unhappy right?  People tend to focus too much on the negative so for one day let’s just focus on the Happies!

Gina started her new job yesterday.  She is a lifeguard at the local water park.  It’s only for a couple more months but it’s something to get her going.  Earning her own money will be good for her.  She’s got a lot to learn about the real world and we were just about ready to help her learn the hard way. Tough love is tough. 

I interviewed last week with a new company and it went freakin’ great!! They called me yesterday to come in for a second interview with the manager.  I’m stoked.  Any and all prayers will be appreciated. When I get this new job (Faith forward thinking) I will be able to quit my second job.  Woohoo!! 
Did I mention I got a second job?  I did.  I’m crazy.  Straight out of my mind. Insane in the membrane.  It’s not much but it adds up to an extra $320-$400 a month.  My plan is to use that money to build our cushion back up that I depleted when I was living it up as a Real housewife of San Diego unemployed. 

My Bee finally got what she has been longing for.  She is now on the All-Star cheer team she has been begging to try-out for.  I put it off for a year (or two) because it’s so damn expensive.  But I made her a deal, throw your back handspring on your own and you can join.  She had until June 30th to do it and on the last day of tumbling class the little brat did it. Good thing I got that second job.

The kids have been back in school for a week.  My son has the same teacher this year that he had in 1st grade.  This is his first year without his big sister there with him….not that they hung out or anything but it was just comforting knowing she was there.  Bee has moved on to Middle School.  So far so good.  Yesterday she was issued her brand spanking new ipad.  Yes, ipad.  They gave all incoming 7th graders ipads in place of textbooks.  All class and home work will be completed using the ipad.  Technology is cray.   

Until next time……Adios!!!

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