Friday, May 18, 2012

F-IT! It's Friday!!

I'm not sure what I did to piss the universe off....but today has been a pretty crappy day.  From my son's "award" that wasn't to a cracked bumper.  Grrrr!!! I'm sorry universe.  I will change my crappy attitude and send out only positive vibes from this point on.  Pinky swear! I'm not even going to complain that the Chicken Pot Pie I just picked up at KFC is over cooked.  I'm just gonna eat it and be quiet about it. :)

Tonight is my daughter's 6th grade dance.  It's not a "real" dance where they have dates and stand around like wall flowers.  It's a tradition at the school that all 6th graders learn a variety of ballroom dances and showcase them at the end of the year for the parents.  Dance partners are randomly assigned and there is no sitting out a dance.  They learned to Tango, cha cha, fox trot, waltz, the hustle and a bunch others.  They are doing 16 songs in total. 16!!!! It shall be a long night.  There is one spot on her dance card for her "special guest" (their PC way of saying Daddy).  They will be dancing to "Unforgettable" will my mascara survive?  Probably not.  I can't even think about it because I tear up.  I can't believe our baby girl is moving on to Middle School.  Where did the time go. 

There was a parent meeting a few weeks ago regarding the decorations for the dance.  The room was full of parents who were so ready to help and had great ideas.  When I walked into the room on Wednesday night there was ONE mom there on a ladder hanging lights on the ceiling.  It was a mess.  She had a "vision" and I tried to help but i just could't see it.  She was not even halfway done and she says "I have to go, see you Friday".   I called in the reinforcements. When they got there we took it all down and started over.  Is that mean?  Maybe.  But you know what...we stayed until 9:30 that night and transformed that room into something pretty special for our kids.  I was there this morning for the award that wasn't and everyone was talking about how great the room looked.  I'm proud of us. 

This post sure took a random turn.....F-It! It's Friday!!

*****OMG!!! This was my 100th post!! I really wish I would have paid attention to the post count.  I should have written a much more interesting post.  I would like my two readers to be entertained!! :) *******


  1. very entertained and what aren't you great at? >:)

  2. isnt that always the case?? lots of people with lots of ideas...but no one to execute them?? story of my life as a PTA president. remind me to NEVER do it again. :P
    p.s. the pics of B and oh man...made ME tear up!!


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