Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey, It's Okay...

Hey, It's okay to join in on the fun and do it's a Hey, It's okay post! :)

Thanks to the Whispering Writer for the idea!

To sit in silence when people are asking parenting questions. I don’t like to give advice on certain things. Every child is different. Who am I to say what is the right way? I’m still not sure I’m doing it all right….but I know I’m doing alright. Ya know?

To still be tired from this weekend. I could sleep for an entire day…but of course I Mommy stuff never ends. Instead of going to bed early last night since there was no practice or a game…I took my son and his friends to the baseball field to play. I is tired.

To have my “weekend” post still in my drafts. I can’t get the pictures to upload right. I’ll have to try it tonight. I gotta show off my girls! (not my boobs, my actual daughters! Sorry Heather if you had a flashback! LOL)

To ask, plead, beg for votes!!! We really wanna win!!! :D Please take a moment to vote for Marisol R. Please feel free to share the link with whomever you like. Wish I had a give-a-way to enter for anyone who includes it in a post. But I don’t…unless you want a crappy poem? Haha!

Please vote for Marisol R. Entry #6

Thank you!!!!


  1. Yeah with parenting questions I just say, "In my opinion....but everyone is different.."

  2. Somedays I think I have more drafts than post going on in blogger! Yet I am never one of those people who have drafts all ready to go and are just waiting to post on certain days....really who ever gets ahead in blogging? I can't even stay caught up!


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