Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lack of Shenanigans?....I think not

As I was sitting here yesterday catching up on different blogs I got a little sad that I didn't have anything to blog about. Before I started this blog I had this great idea that all these shenanigans I get into would make this hilarious blog...was I wrong? Nope. The events that take place in my day to day life are a crack up...the thing is...I'm involved in almost ALL of them. Therefore, no photo or video proof of such events actually taking place. Should I hire a photographer to follow me and the fam bam around in the event that something blog worthy happen? Or do I just ask trust that my life really is this nuts! I'll go with the second one. ;o)

So here are some Random pictures for you to enjoy:

I can ride my bike with no handlebars.....

Isn't my bike cute? I love it...that is until I totally ate it at my sister's house trying to get back on it to head home. What was my dear sister's response? "Get off my neighbors grass dude you're gonna mess it up!" Thanks for your concern sister....I'm okay. Then Gina rolls up and instead of making sure her Mom is cool she said "Dang why couldn't you fall when I was here, that would have been funny" Such love, such love. *it was freakin' hilarious though...I even pee'd a little! There's your TMI for the day!

I'm Rollin' on Dubs.....

Until the curb came out of no where and ruinned it! See what had happened was.....okay fine, I hit a more excuses....I just suck. So much for rollin' on dubs...I just lost my gangsta status. :o(


So I was too tired to cook on Saturday so I rolled out to Northgate to pick up some bomb carnitas for dinner....then I spy this sign. Fur realz, I did NOT need to know that...ignorance really is bliss! oh and yeah I macked on some carnitas tacos anyways!

*on a side note...some man was hitting on my Mama! It was sad to watch. But Chhhooowww my Mama still gots it! hahaha!!



  1. ahhhhhh - thank you. i was starting to have withdrawals from the lack of posts. see, now I'M gonna have the Wicked Witch of West/East's theme song stuck in my head now....I'll get you my pretty, and yer little dog too.

  2. HG made me laugh out loud! I love it!


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