Monday, May 11, 2009

Mamacita Day

I hope all you Mommies had a great Mother's Day. Mine was fantastic! Here's what went down:

We had plans to wake up early, head to breakfast, then Sea World.....but when the alarm went off I decided I much rather sleep in a little more. Lucky for me my little ones realized I was brilliant so they hopped into bed with us and slept in until around 9:30! (Just the little ones came in our bed...G was perfectly happy in her bed until her brother woke her up at 10). Then my darling babies and My Rock made me breakfast. We had pancakes, eggs, potatoes and bacon. It was a smorgasbord!

Here's My Rock whipping up his famous pancakes:

*He bought me this pink apron for Mother's Day since I asked for a new cute apron...isn't he so cute!?!

The girls cleaned up the kitchen ......

And set the table.....

The boy you ask? Well he was doing what boys do best.....

Here's my team working together....okay the boy is still being silly....

Now it's time for breakfast....and PRESENTS!!!

*I'm a dork and forgot to take a picture up close of all the presents once they were opened! But I got a Mosaic frame, a wood frame, a hand print, a "Why I Love My Mom" book and 4 beautifully thoughtful cards.

Then we were off to Sea are my favorite pictures of our day:

My beautiful babies ready for the "Viva La Musica" concert featuring Elvis Crespo in Shamu Stadium!

Has he lost his sparkle? No. Actually he is made of plastic! DUH!

Here he is reminding B that it's Mother's Day so she really shouldn't ask for ice cream...AGAIN!

No I didn't knock his tooth out! It fell out on it's own...or so he claims!

The weather was perfect, the concert was GREAT! The kids were out a little past their bedtime, but they had a BLAST! It really was one of my best Mother's Day ever! I am so Blessed!

*Don't ask me why we all have weird smiles...we're just cool like that!


  1. You guys are so cute. Rocky wears pink well....a little too well...hmmmmmm. Anyway, you do a good job, girl. Your family is beautiful!

  2. Seriously, Alice, you are so spoiled.

  3. Awww, how gorgeous is that??? and I'm INSANELY jealous that you saw Elvis Crespo...Suavemente was my club song waaaaay back in the day! Love the pics!


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