Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where did my long weekend go?

Long weekends are just never long enough ya know? Mine went down like so..........


Got all dolled up for the Paramore/No Doubt Concert and rolled out to HZizzle’s Casa to meet up with the girls. The concert was flippin' awesome! Despite the drunktard searching hi and low for Natasha...the random girls who were higher than kites bumping into us...they left real quick after HG checked them.haha! Oh and the drunk girl who showed me her butt and then felt me up...priceless. I had such a good time I grabbed tickets to their next show in August...can't wait!!!

Had to rock my new shades…don’t hate. Ha!

We kicked it at HZizzles house waiting on Hannah….story of our lives…haha!!!
Gotta throw up the dueces…it’s how I roll

Woohooo!!! We made it. We got there after the opener (The Sounds) were playin’ which turned out to be a blessing because we missed the monster line to get in. Me, HG, and Hannah (HZizzle doesn’t “do” pictures)

Special Thanks to my amigos Vanessa and Jair who saved us a comfy spot on the lawn….oh and they were celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary! Whoop whoop! Congrats friends! Vanessa and me…Jair is the stud behind the camera!

Never leave home without him....

Eddie enjoying Paramore (they rocked it hard!)

Cutest couple!!!!

Had to keep my hands free for clapping, pictures, throwin' up the know. Where is a Little Eddie to go? It just made sense!


I spent my morning at a funeral...muy sad...let's not talk about it. Then I went home and spruced up the new's about time...

I have too much stuff...But I love it all! What's a girl to do?!?

Here's my mini me...wish you had one too don't you...quit hatin'!

Dueces like mama! We were up to no good...more on that later!


Familia time!!! Had the fam bam over for a Carne Asada (Mexican speak for BBQ)

Here's the newest member of the fam...he's only 2 months old!!

We totally got the good looks in the family!

The kids made a rukus...I'm sure our neighbors hate us!

Yeah that's my mini me duecin' it up again...gosh I love her!


NOTHIN'!! Sweet Nothing!!!

I hope you all had a great Weekend! Hey it's HUMP DAY!! whoop whoop!!!


  1. What?? I would've been on time if there weren't 3 million people heading to southern no man's land SD with me. Seriously cant believe u gals do that drive every day!

  2. ohh im loving the new decor!! good stuff! and yay we get to no doubt!!


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