Friday, May 15, 2009

Funny Friday...

Like so many other husbands/boyfriends/significant others/etc. out there my husband just doesn't understand "what the big deal is" when it comes to Twilight. He's so anti-Twilight he won't even read the hilarious blog over at Twilight Widowers Anonymous The sad part is he has the kids in on his teasing...though the girls loved the movie they're just haters.

Anywho... every so often they run across something funny to show me or they'll hide/torture my Edward (aka Mini Eddie). So I figured I'd share the nonsense every once in a while...cause sometimes, as dumb as it is, it makes me laugh.

This video is one of those so dumb it's funny ones:

This video is mostly just ‘tarded …except the end….I’m still laughing! (G it's you!)

Late addition...that's to HZizzle! Love this one...mostly cause they give me a shout out! ;o) I didn't eat your cookies fool!

At dinner for Mamon's b-day I left my phone and Eddie unattended...and I came back to this:

No wonder my water tasted so good when I got back to the table. PUNKS! Oh and FYI can't kill him SUCKAH you tried and failed x2

Then there was the incident of the missing Edward:
I found him in the fridge! Yeah he's smooth like Butter....glad they pointed it out. Once again...HATERS! (Yeah sister I'm talking to you!)

Enjoy your Friday Funny....I have a lot going on this Monday's post should be fun!


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