Thursday, May 14, 2009

Throwback Thursday

ahh - fashion of the 80's...sadly - I'm questioning if I am following the new fad of the booty boots, or if I never truly LEFT the 80's....

Girls have ALWAYS wanted to have fun - but Cyndi Lauper made it cooler

Waaaay back when Michael was black - he created "Thriller", which to this day; remains the number #1 album of all time. MJ - what happened??

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Thundercats. Watched them at 3:30 every afternoon

I think "Lion-O" was my first celebrity crush - I mean -- LOOK AT HIM! He has the body of a god!!

I was INSANELY jealous of my cousin Leah because she had more She-Ra dolls than me, AND the Crystal Castle - I swear, if I could've fit that castle into my lunchbox - it totally would've went home with me. TOTALLY!


  1. I told you the story of when I taught the kids the Thriller Dance for the kid...MY KID....said "oh this is the dance from 13 going on 30!"...I said "It's from Thriller" and she was like "what?". Poor fools have no idea what they missed!

    Oh that oranged skinned half man half cat...MMEEOOWW!

  2. I loved Thundercats, too! And She-Ra a little bit. Unfortunately, my mom tried to shove the girlie things down my throat too much and I rebelled by playing GI Joe and Transformers with my bro.


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