Thursday, May 7, 2009

Throwback Thursday

I've finally gotten over my issue with another guest blogger who bit my idea and who shall remain nameless, and am moving forward with Throw-Back Thursdays!
(((((cue crowd applause))))

Fraggle Rock - name says it all...who didnt love Red's spunkiness or Mokey's bohemian style?

Like, Omigod! Jem was outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous. I swore that by touching my OWN red star earring; I too, could transform into a rockstar...and like a true fan -

I hated The Misfits too.

As a child - this was my favorite show to many days I dreamed and wished that "Nanny" was my nanny too...(sssh - please don't tell my mom)

ALF - I especially loved him when his did his "mock surprise" facial expression; bottom jaw to the side and hand/paw over his chest. His never-ending quest to return to his home of Melmac and the pursuit of consuming neighborhood cats kept me forever enthralled. FYI - they are now showing reruns on Cox Cable (ch.26). I tried to watch it; and sat wondering WTH was I thinking back then?

The End...

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  1. JEM!! It's where my love and passion for Make-up began! Great Throwbacks!


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