Friday, May 1, 2009

If you don't know me by nooooowwww......

It still amazes me how many people come by my desk and look at my name plate before greeting me. I mean there are a lot of people in this building, I don't expect EVERYONE to know me... ('cept I kinda do ya know?) but if I've spoken to you weekly for the last 10 months...or had an office RIGHT by you at the old building I just feel like you should be able to greet me without having to check my name plate first. Cause seriously how many Alices' are there around this mug? Before Twilight Alice was either the maid on the Brady bunch or some old lady your grandma plays bridge with at the nursing home.

So....I'm thinking I might switch up my name plate for a couple of days and see who will greet me as "Her Royal Highness" or "Fancy Face" (okay yeah I stole that from DOL* whatevs!) If you have any brilliant ideas for my new name plate....lemme know!


*Days of Our Lives


  1. Maybe you should decorate your cube and dress up like Alice in Wonderland. That would stick in people's heads. Or change your name to either Malice, or Sister Mary Alice, because no one wants to offend a nun, right?


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