Friday, May 29, 2009

5 things I am grateful for....

1. Pandora...I heart you...I heart you hard! You make the work day bearable. You play da jamz! Even the wiggity whack ones....but you let me skip those!
Marry me and we'll live happily eva after!

2. My iphone - I don't need anything but you! I can check da facebook, the space, tweet and continue to hear da jamz on pandora! You are my everything!

You complete me! Without you I'd be lost!

3. School awards -You make my babies happy = Alice happy! do Rock...the side braid....oh and the inventors showcase! Holla!

4. Empower U - For showing me the light all those many years ago! I still use your lessons to this day! Hence the 5 and 5 post (oops minus one 5 cause I'm short on time!)

want it...create it....AMEN!

5. Mis AH ME GAS (Amigas) - Without you I would wither away here! Even before Pandora you got me through the work days. Did I cry my first week of work here? Hex yesh I I laugh so hard I pee now? Yesh, yesh I doNo one rocked harder than us at No Doubt...oh and my high school friends joined the group picture! Yeah we still roll hard! haha!

P.S. I'm grateful for so much more than just 5 things of life, my family, my husband, Mickey D's double cheeseburgers, etc. those are pretty much a given! So don't judge. It's not becoming. ;o)
Have a fantabulous weekend all!


  1. 1. Heatzi turned me on to Pandora! It got me through many a work days.
    2. I'm jealous.
    3. Mini-you got your brains! Lucky girl.
    4. ???
    5. Yay, we love you loooong time!


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