Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day Happies (adventures of dating a married man)

I love Wednesday.  Hump Day. I mean who doesn’t like a good Hump?
What makes you happy today??  We all know what makes us unhappy right?  People tend to focus too much on the negative so for one day let’s just focus on the Happies!

I went on a date with My Rock.  It’s nice to hang out without the kids once and awhile.  We don’t have a structured routine.  No “every other Friday we HAVE to go on a date” cause then it’s more of an obligation rather than a fun night out once in a while.  Plus it’s cute when he calls me on the phone and acts like he’s really nervous to ask me out.  I love that man!  

We went to our favorite pizza place.  It’s legendary in our town. When we go with our kids we usually sit in the new “café” addition where we spend $50 on game cards so they can play arcade games all night.  This time we sat at the bar spent that $$ on DRANKS! :)

I had 4 of these. 
It’s called a “michelada” they are quite popular in our neck of the woods.  It’s made with lime juice, salt, ice and beer (Pacifico or Corona work best IMHO).  That’s it.  There are different versions of this drink.  One popular way is to add Clamato.  It’s like a beer bloody mary.  I prefer just lime, salt and ice. 
I’m easy.  

Then a couple of buttery nipples. 
These are so damn good.  Butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s?  Yes please!! 

 If we are going to be friends you need to know how to take a shot.  You gotta tilt your head back and finish it in one SHOT.  That’s why it’s called a "shot" and not a "sip on this".  Just sayin'

Eventually we ordered one of these and it was freakin' amazing as always
We also had had some hot wings and fried calamari before we started drinking to "lay the base" if you will. :) 

The chick that sat next to us was amazed by my purse hook.  
I mean really?  Who hasn’t seen these before? They are $5 at Ross go buy 20 cause they disappear all the time.

So what made me happy this week?? My Rock, pizza, beer, and hooks.



  1. I cannot find your email address, but I wanted to reply to your comment. You should add your email address to your profile page :)

    I agree! You sound like a wonderful mother. We definitely have expectations. If we are having a discussion with them in public for mis behaving, our friends will say, "he is just a kid. No big deal." Its a big deal to me! My children will behave and will be respectful. My 15 month old already says please and thank you and I really appreciate that. In fact I am so proud!! When they are sick, I will baby the crap out of them. I like to think that one day they will appreciate the over the top attention they got when they were sick. I am sure their wives wont thank me ;)

  2. Nope! is still says :(

    In response to your comment: Woohoo!! Any saving is great! I am going to cut out my morning coffee and bagel run :( Determined to save money so I can surprise my hubby with an awesome Anniversary getaway!

    Have a great weekend!!


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