Thursday, June 28, 2012

In need of some magic in my life...

This week has been a whirl wind.  (is that the saying?)  I’ve been crazy busy at home and at work. 

Here is my schedule for shiz and giggles….
5:45 Wake-up
Don’t ask about this gap…you don’t want to know. :D
6:10ish Get in Shower
6:30 hair, make-up, get dressed
7:00 Get in car and head to work
7:30 arrive at work (if SoCal traffic cooperates)
4:00 sing hallelujah and head home
4:30 arrive home and pick up Bee for tumbling, drive to tumbling
5:00-6:15 sit and chit chat/ read while Bee tumbles
6:45 arrive home from tumbling, immediately remove contacts and bra.
7:10 start dinner
9:00 wrap up dinner/pack my lunch for next day
Since it’s summer I have no homework to check, planners to sign, so I get to “relax” for 2 whole hours.  Here I try to squeeze in some Jullian Michaels’ or a walk or sex.  You know something to get my heart pumping. 
11:00pm Head to bed

So to say I am looking forward to the weekend is an understatement. :D 

Mostly I am looking forward to this:
Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, AND Matthew McConaughey as STRIPPERS???? Holy hell!!  I may pass out!! 

My friends from High School and I get together on a monthly basis to have a girls night.  Tomorrow is that night.  We will wine, dine and enjoy some FINE!!  I can't wait!! 

Hasta Mañana!! ADIOS!!! 


  1. Have fun on your girls night! You deserve it with all that work! xoxo

  2. Wine, male strippers and good company! Sounds like fun!!!


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