Monday, June 4, 2012

Commencement Shenanigans

Last week was a blur.  With the Holiday, two graduation ceremonies and two parties I’m not sure how I survived.  I think it will take about 2 weeks for me to recover from all this.
Tuesday my weekend kids got “home” and I was thrilled.  They stayed at my house and as always it was a good time.  We tend to stay up way too late when we have something important to do the next day because we are smart like that.  We went to bed around 2:30 am when we had to be up by 6am.  Told you we is smart. :) 
Wednesday at 9am was Angelina’s graduation from high school.  HIGH SCHOOL!!  I can’t believe how time has flown by.  She’ll be attending the community college that is in our backyard, literally.  She wants to do hair.  I told her to give me two years there and if she still wants to go to beauty school she can.  I think it’s fair.  It’s not that there is anything wrong with being a hair stylist, we’ve had many in our family.  It’s that she is indecisive.  One day she wants one thing, the next day it’s something else.  Either way this is just her "beginning" and I know she'll do great things!

My Familia (look at my twin Rocks, how cute!)

Thursday we had B’s promotion.  We were by far the loudest family.  Not surprising in the least.  She struggled this year with balancing grades and being cool.  I’m not too worried about this one, she’s a smart girl.  That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna watch her like a hawk, because I am.  She’ll continue to make us proud. 

B and her teacher 

She is ready for Middle School.  I'm sure we'll have our challenges (she is my mini me after all) but I know we'll make.  I don't know why people think babies are so much work.  Maybe they've never had teenage daughters?  

Me and B at the graduation party my brother had for my nephew (they were in the same class how lucky right?)

Saturday Little Rock had a play-off game and a party.  It was chaos.  We were all sun burnt for the party but it was a BLAST.  The DJ played a GREAT mix of music, my dessert table was empty and I had 7 extra bodies asleep in my house Sunday morning.  Good times were had by all.  I have tons of pictures to share but have had NO TIME to do it.  I will have to do an entire post of pictures soon.  From Angelina’s “food Poisoning” pictures where she is passed out on the bathroom floor because of something she “ate” at a party to the hooker girl that wore a see through lace dress to an elementary school promotion ceremony.  Until then…I’ll leave you with Rock doing the “tootsie roll” with two beers in his hand.  Now that’s talent.   
The picture is blurry to protect the innocent :) 


  1. Sounds like all kinds of fun with your kiddos! Congrats on your graduate!

  2. you have a beautiful family!! I love being so close to my mom, and even though I live in the same town, sometimes I pack up the kids and we go have a "sleep over" at her house :)


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